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Lollipop team’s brother and sister act

Capture12A brother and sister team have joined forces to keep children safe on a busy road outside their school.

Siblings Peter and Lisa Hope work as school crossing patrols at Neville’s Cross Bank in Durham City.

The site is one of the busiest school crossing points in the county and the pair are officially Durham County Council’s only sibling lollipop patrol duo.

Peter, 27, began working as a school crossing patrol in 2008 and has been on duty at Neville’s Cross Bank since April 2014.

He is now joined at the location every school morning and afternoon by his sister Lisa, 36, who also works full time as a driving instructor.

Lisa explained: “I was always picking Peter up and dropping him off for work and was often waiting for him so when the job came up I thought to myself, why not go for it? I applied and got it and it’s been really good so far.

“My brother and I have worked together in the past – we used to run a karate club – so we’re used to it. The kids are great and it’s really rewarding being able to help them get across the road safely.”

Peter said: “I really enjoy working as a school crossing patrol – I remember when I was a young boy waiting at the roadside before the lollipop person helped us across and now I get to do the same. I can also combine the role with my full-time job as a carer.

“I’ve always wanted to work with children and it’s really nice being able to spend time with them and they’re always happy to chat and tell you all about their lives.


“It’s good being able to work with my sister too as we get to travel to and from work together and have a laugh. We never fall out and it makes the job a lot more relaxing too – I taught her everything at first but now she thinks she’s in charge!

“It’s really important to be in sync with one another and make sure you don’t step out into the road at different times, which is where being brother and sister comes in especially handy as we seem to instinctively know what the other person is going to do.”

Pam Monaghan, head teacher at Neville’s Cross Primary School, said: “Having a double patrol means children are no longer worried about careless and inconsiderate drivers when crossing the road outside of the school because Peter and Lisa are so visible to motorists coming up and down Neville’s Cross Bank.

“Our crossing patrols are friendly and polite to the children and are always focused on their job – using teamwork to cross the children safely has been a huge success.”

Paul Watson, road safety manager, Durham County Council, said: “All of our school crossing patrols are excellent at making sure children get to and from school safely.

“Neville’s Cross is one of the busiest sites in the county and is used by hundreds of pedestrians and vehicles every day. Having two patrols at the site provides essential extra support in maintaining the safety of all road users during peak times.

“We are delighted to welcome Lisa to the team and it’s great that she and her brother Peter are providing such a valuable service to the schoolchildren.”

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