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Make sure your taxi is licensed

ByCharley Williams

Jan 15, 2017

Hambleton residents who use a taxi are being urged to check the vehicle is licensed.

The district council has been made aware of several unlicensed taxis operating in the Northallerton area, particularly late at night on weekends.

All drivers and vehicles licensed by the local authority are subject to extensive testing in order to ensure the safety of the travelling public. And any member of the public travelling in a licensed vehicle will be fully insured for the duration of their journeys

However any unlicensed driver, will not have been subject to criminal record checks or medical assessments and cannot be regarded as a fit and proper person to act as a taxi driver. The person behind the wheel of an unlicensed taxi could be extremely dangerous and the same could be said of the vehicle itself.

Unlicensed vehicles may not be roadworthy and they will not be subject to the appropriate insurance cover and in the event of an accident in an unlicensed vehicle, passengers will not be able to make a claim for any injuries suffered.

Members of the public should check the vehicle for identification features (pictured) before embarking on a journey for hire. Vehicles licensed by Hambleton District Council can be identified by a licence plate (attached to the rear of the vehicle) and two door stickers (on the sides of the vehicle). Licensed drivers can also be identified by a badge, which shows their name, photograph and licence expiry date. Airport transfer Perth is considered in one of the best taxi services for providing the licensed vehicles facility to their customers in order to ensure the safety.

Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire Police are working together to ensure that any unlicensed drivers are subject to appropriate enforcement action and this may involve prosecution in due course.

To report an unlicensed taxi contact the licensing team on 01609 779977 or email; licensingteam@hambleton.gov.uk