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Make your garnishes go further with J&B Rare 🍊🍋


Apr 26, 2020 #RAR J&B

With the arrival of British Summer Time this weekend, J&B Rare invites you to enjoy the extra hour of sunshine in the evenings with a well-deserved J&B Rare Highball. Escape the laptop screen and endless news alerts for half an hour of relaxation. If you’re not able to enjoy the sunshine outside, why not create your own little oasis in your house or flat. Put on some music, open the windows or step out on your balcony and enjoy the last of the heady evening air whilst you sip on a refreshing whisky highball.

If you’re struggling to get your hands on your favourite garnishes, why not prepare slices of your favourite citrus fruits and freeze them in advance for quick ice ‘cubes’ which reveal a refreshing kick of flavour whilst you sip. For added flavour, add a dash of your favourite bitters. 

 See instructions on how to make frozen citrus garnishes at home below. 

J&B Rare Highball 


50ml J&B Rare, 125ml Soda Water, Cubed ice, Fresh lemon, orange or lime twist.


Fill a highball glass with ice. Add J&B Rare with soda water. Add a squeeze of citrus and garnish with a wedge or slice of frozen fruit. 

To make frozen citrus garnishes, slice lemon, orange or limes into wedges or slices. Lay them flat on a tray and pop them in the freezer until frozen. Make sure to leave plenty of space in between the fruit so the slices don’t freeze together. 

Steeped in history, J&B Rare is a blended Scotch whisky combining forty-two malt and grain whiskies in one smooth yet subtle blend. A unique process of blending mastery, bringing together the bold flavours of single malts with lighter grain whiskies, adding fullness and depth to the blend. This is a whisky whose blends and behaviours have transformed tastes and defined the category, earning loyal clientele from the Princes of England to the Kings of Swing. 

From £22.50 for 70cl (40% ABV). Available from Waitrose online and in store, masterofmalt.comthewhiskyexchange.comdrinksupermarket.com31dover.com and Justerini & Brooks

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