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Manufacturing Boss Cross-Dresses For Brexit

vote leave largeThe chairman of a North East company has put his own product centre stage in a tongue-in-cheek video to re-enforce his Vote Leave message in the EU referendum.

The video, which will be available from 12 noon on Thursday, uses the new Ebac British made washing machine to wash an EU flag and….surprisingly…thanks to a non-EU approved component, manages to transform it in to the Union Jack! It ends with the tagline, “Ebac Washing Machines washing the EU Out!”

Ebac has invested £7million in its new washing machine manufacturing facility in North East England, the first machines are currently being manufactured and will be made available for sale later this year. The machines will be the ONLY British made washers available to buy.

In the video (which is in post-production until 12 noon Thursday – 7 days before the vote) John Elliot MBE, says:

This is the new Ebac washing machine, designed and manufactured here in Britain in the North East of England.

It will be available to buy later this year but at the moment we are testing a non-EU approved component. Let’s see if it works…….

(Ode to joy plays as John puts an EU flag into the machine…..flash forward…to John removing the flag, it has turned into the Union Jack!)

That’s more like it. Vote British, Buy British!

John Elliott MBE, who founded Ebac in 1972 and has grown it to become one of the North East’s most well-known business success, and a prominent advocate of Britain leaving the European Union, made the plea for patriotic consumers to buy British products whenever possible, stating whether the country votes to leave or remain, supporting British brands can boost the economy and protect jobs.

John Elliott said: “We Brits need do the right thing by our country by voting British and buying British!

“If we leave the EU then we will be opening up to a new era of global trade and opportunity, after so many years shackled to Brussels. If we remain we will not only be subject to the red tape that has damaged our economy up to now, but also a whole new set of directives that the European Commission has been holding back until after the vote. If we leave it is vital to support British brands, and if we stay we should do the same as there will be continued pressure on British jobs from the continent.

“I reject fear-based tactics to get us to vote Remain, they talk down Britain when they should be championing it. I believe in Britain and that is why I’m backing Brexit any why my company has brought washing machine production back to the UK. My advice to anyone who wants to keep jobs in the UK, and especially in the North East where we need them most, is to vote British and buy British.

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