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Medomsley Physical Abuse Victims Find Closure thanks to Hartlepool Solicitors


May 17, 2020

Hartlepool Solicitors Tilly Bailey & Irvine recently helped settle a number a historical physical abuse claims in relation to the Medomsley Detention Centre scandal.

TBI Solicitor Nathalie Clayton has been playing a key part in efforts to support victims of the scandal, and recently heard from several former inmates who now feel they have been able to receive some form of closure from the outcome of their cases.

A number of these former inmates received compensation, but more importantly admitted to feeling a sense of closure and justice after what they had been subjected to. One particular victim, as well as many other victims TBI Solicitors were supporting, hopes outcomes like this are a wake-up call to stop this kind of abuse in these environments.

The former inmate said: “from the moment I submitted the claim I did not expect to recover any compensation, but I wanted justice. The compensation that I received has been a bonus and I feel relieved as I can now close a door that I never wish to reopen. The service I received from TBI was spot on and everything was done very efficiently.”

Another also received closure and compensation for physical abuse, adding that they had not expected to walk away with anything prior to a successful case. Their response was that the officers charged ‘got what they deserved’.

Investigations into the historical scandal began with Operation Seabrook back in 2013, in relation to incidents from as early as the 60s. It resulted in seven former officers being charged for physical and sexual abuse.

Discussions are ongoing with the Group Litigation Department to decide on methods of dealing with detention centre staff who have not been convicted or are deceased.

If you were a physical abuse victim of Medomsley Detention Centre, please contact Nathalie Clayton from Tilly Bailey & Irvine’s team of Personal Injury solicitors in Hartlepool to discuss matters.

By TBIlaw