I am very excited to announce our next Guest Speaker the gorgeous Mandy Nicholson

I have been following Mandy’s journey back to her love of Art and the creation of some beautiful pieces from start to finish.

Violet Aura Art has recently created pieces that represent the power of women and the challenges we have to overcome.

I cannot wait for Mandy Nicholson to present some of her work and share her story with us all.

A little bit about Mandy (in her words)..

I started life after A Levels at Art school in Edinburgh. I loved it, it is all I ever wanted to do.

Unfortunately, life had a different plan and I ended up working in retail. I was good at it and progressed to a senior Manager rapidly. I think my creative mind is what set me apart from my peers, so although I wasn’t painting or drawing, I was shaping people & businesses to be successful. I wrote for an international Leadership blog; wrote e-books and even had a book published!

However, I have always been an artist at heart. This year I have decided to follow my dream & I don’t care if people hate what I do, I am happy!

I hope you love my ideas and my work and want to own some of my images. 

Welcome to my journey.

I am so excited for this! 🤗

If you would like to join me to hear Mandy’s story and to network with the amazing ladies in this group then you can book your ticket ➡️http://bit.ly/DURHAMTEES7B

Hope to see you soon! 💜

Sara Noel

Founder of Strategize Your Biz/MIBA coordinator – Durham & Teesside

What is MIBA (Mums In Business Association)?

MIBA was created by sisters Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton. Leona is mum to 5, based in Gloucestershire and has expertise in running a variety of businesses. Leona was also voted Entrepreneur of the year 2018.

Estelle is a solo parent to 2 sons and is based in Leicester. She runs a successful Wedding Photography business and was recently awarded runner up in the Women in Business Awards 2017!

Mums in Business Association was created in June 2017 after both sisters realised that there was a lack of online support for mums in business.

Being MIB’s themselves both Estelle & Leona realised the struggles and obstacles of running a business whilst being a full-time mum, and wanted to create a place where other MIBs could gather, support each other and network.

Creating such a supportive tribe means that the women have specialists at their fingertips, should they require any help, and its usually FREE!

MIBA now has over 38000 social media members based all over the world! The group continues to grow on a daily basis with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

MIBA also has its share of celeb fans since launching. Double Olympic medalist Ludi Wiggins has been a guest speaker, TV actress Holly Matthews is on board and the amazing Rosemary Conley has also featured in the group.

Early 2019 saw the launch of the final in the Series Mumpreneur on Fire 4, MIBA Awards and there is something special to come…. watch this space…

Over 45k Followers In 20 Months

In 2019 MIBA are working in collaboration with other incredible mumpreneurs to empower even more women, not to mention a 2 day retreat in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside!

By the end of 2019 MIBA will have supported over 50K women in creating the life and business that they dream of.

MIBA are also working with charities Tommys and Colostomy UK to raise awareness as this platform grows.


Over 9.8k followers in 20 months (with no paid ads) Growth rate of 20%

Reach of over 136k

100% organic growth and engagement


Over 36k followers in less than 20 months Over 19k active members weekly

112K + interactions per month


Website viewed up to 400 times per day. Estimated annual views of over 60k

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