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NECIT Services creates Inspekta Gadget to root out global CV fraud

NECIT Services has created its own verification platform in response to rising incidents of CV fraud within the inspection services industry.

Inspired by the 1980’s cartoon series based on the adventures of a cyborg policeman, the Inspekta Gadget platform is seeking to raise global standards by ensuring applicants’ details are checked and verified.

CV fraud is common across competitive industries where people are increasingly tempted to exaggerate their qualifications and experience to be selected and secure work.

In response, South Shields headquartered NECIT Services, a global leader in the provision of inspection, auditing and expediting services, has developed its own bespoke online registration site.

Peter Lyons, technical and business development director, who is himself a qualified international welding engineer and senior quality inspector, said: “It’s an increasing problem within the industry and one that persists due to a lack of due diligence when vetting candidates.

“This not only takes work away from competent and qualified inspectors, but the real danger is that their inexperience or unsuitability could cost millions if equipment they have verified subsequently fails.

“Sadly, a CV is whatever someone makes it, and a few untruths can secure a much bigger pay packet, while at the same time saving the expense of certification.”

Inspekta Gadget ensures NECIT Services can source the most appropriate and certified multi-skilled inspectors around the world.

As well as allowing inspectors to upload all relevant information, an applicant must submit a self-assessment form that details their work experience which can be cross checked against certification and previous technical reports.

Cherelle Lyons, managing director of NECIT Services, said: “If someone is willing to lie about their CV then the bottom line is that we don’t want them to be responsible for multi-million-pound projects.

“As well as ridding the industry of fakes, this system also measures the competencies of each inspector against the client’s requirements to ensure the right person is matched with the right job. Inspekta Gadget sets the bar very high.”

NECIT Services has recruited a 3,100-strong team of global inspectors and operates across 86 countries, serving all the major engineering sectors, including renewables, oil and gas, power generation and specialist sector services.

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