• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Rockliffe Hall Invests In Innovative GUARDIAN® Technology

Rockliffe Hall, a luxury 5-star golf, spa and hotel resort in Darlington, is leading the way in the hospitality industry by being the first to invest in an innovative remote technology, following a successful pilot scheme.

The pilot of GUARDIAN® successfully highlighted business improvement areas for the facilities team and senior management. GUARDIAN® has demonstrated throughout the pilot that significant water and energy waste reductions can be enabled, positively contributing to the resort’s operational costs and environmental footprint.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Plexus Innovation, GUARDIAN® is a must-have remote IoT technology that measures temperature, capable of detecting a range of water system issues such as taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets.

Based on real time understanding, reports and alerts enable early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis, whilst the monitoring of temperature also helps protect against the risks of legionella and scalding.

Ian Murray, managing director of Plexus Innovation, said:

“Working with a high caliber hotel like Rockliffe Hall has been an ideal pilot for GUARDIAN® in the hospitality sector, as they take their guests and staff wellbeing, their overheads and their environmental footprint very seriously.

“A hot tap left running for just one hour can waste enough water to fill six baths and the same amount of energy a domestic household typically uses in a day. If you multiply that by the frequency this can happen in at a hotel and the length of time before housekeeping, a new guest or a maintenance man typically discovers it…. clearly, the savings can be quite significant as GUARDIAN®’s automated alert system allows for quick action.”

Already proving popular in the social housing and care sector, as well as being ideal for health, retail, education and industry, GUARDIAN® is now ready to take the hospitality and leisure industry under its’ wing too.

Jason Adams, managing director at Rockliffe Hall, said:

“For a low monthly cost, we are now getting data that not only assists our team with compliance but is also a way to save money and reduce risk across a number of key residential and operational areas.

“It is reassuring to know GUARDIAN® identified issues we would have otherwise not been aware of, is ensuring we protect our guests and staff and that we will not be unknowingly wasting as much water or energy as we clearly used to be.

“The Rockliffe Hall team is now looking forward to GUARDIAN® providing more efficiency savings in the rooms in Tiplady Lodge whilst we look to a wider hotel implementation and also the next stage of the pilot, which could be to evaluate cold storage monitoring in our kitchens.”

For food and beverage supply in kitchens, GUARDIAN® monitors fridge temperatures to ensure that food and drink are kept at safe storage temperature, as well ensuring that heaters, taps and all-important water boilers are functioning correctly.

For more information on GUARDIAN® visit www.plexus-innovation.com