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Samsung Announces New Infinite Cooking Range

Created with premium design in mind, the range includes a new oven and combi-hob with new Dual Cook Steam technology

London, UK – February 25th 2020 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced the release of its new Infinite Cooking range. Comprising of an oven, available in two colourways, and a Combi-hob, these new product innovations will be available in kitchen specialists across the UK and feature outstanding cooking technology combined with sleek, high-end design.

The Samsung Infinite Cooking range of appliances reflect the demands of aspirational, millennial consumers who are looking for appliances that offer greater cooking flexibility without compromising on exceptional design. Understanding that the kitchen is the hub of the home, which is used not only for preparing food, but also for relaxing and entertaining, Samsung has developed a premium offering which encapsulates high-design principles and unrivalled functionality. The Infinite Cooking range provides millennials with sophisticated and minimalist appliances that look great in any kitchen, while also providing unparalleled cooking performance.

Designed with vertical lines in mind, the Infinite Cooking oven blends seamlessly with kitchen units to create a premium, high-end look. The minimised, rectangular oven window, for example, is positioned vertically rather than horizontally, to create a harmonious flow with cabinets and other furnishings. This ensures that the oven subtly blends in with its surroundings, while the anti-glare glass also helps it to merge naturally with kitchen furniture. In line with the growing design trend for dark kitchens, the appliance is available in matte, graphite grey and glossy onyx black; colours which create an understated, sophisticated look that is complemented by the minimal user interface. The overall aesthetic is simple and modern, offering users a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Featuring Dual Cook Steam technology, the Infinite Cooking range is optimised to provide consumers with an unprecedented amount of cooking flexibility and control. The oven can be split into two separate cooking compartments, letting users cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different cooking modes, temperatures, and time settings. The Infinite Cooking ovens introduce steam cooking capability to the Dual Cook range, offering both Steam Assist and Full Steam options alongside a convection oven, allowing users to enjoy eight different cooking modes with just one appliance, taking convenience to a whole new level.

“Our aim at Samsung is to create highly functional products that offer consumers real, tangible benefits, saving them time and energy. With the Infinite Cooking range, users can enjoy precise cooking control while also benefitting from the many advantages of being able to cook multiple dishes in the same oven. This is particularly convenient if you are cooking for people with different dietary requirements such as vegans and meat eaters, or if you are preparing more than one course at a time for a dinner party. The flexibility of the Infinite Cooking range proves incredibly helpful in a wide array of daily situations. Wi-Fi capabilities and a compatible smartphone app offer even greater ease of use, providing remote oven monitoring and control,” says Nick Bevan Head of Product Management for Digital Appliances.

The Combi-Hob, also featured in the range, similarly blends unrivalled functionality with high end design. With a built-in hob and extractor fan, this two-in-one appliance saves space, while the flush fit and streamlined design not only looks sleek, but also enables easier maintenance. With two dual flex zones, users can enjoy greater convenience heating multiple pans at different temperatures.