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Saudi Cup – Record Prize Fund for A Horse Race Is Soon to Begin

Record Prize Fund for A Horse Race Is Soon to Begin

Hold your horses, racing fans & esteemed jockeys! The Saudi Cup has just announced itself to be the world’s most valuable horse race, and they wouldn’t be wrong. On February 29 2020, The Saudi Cup comes second in a trio of exhilarating races. Happening at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh, the Saudi Cup comes after the Pegasus Cup and the Dubai World Cup; the horse racing community has a lot to discuss!

There are four weeks between each Cup taking place to give the winners of each a chance to run in the next Cup. The top horses that are currently training have the opportunity to compete in what are three of the most valuable dirt track races worldwide. With over 1,800 meters of dirt track and field, 14 runners will have an even terrain to run a fair race. With the massive $10 million prize for the race winner and the remaining $10 million being shared down to the 10th place runner, competition is fierce!

The World’s Richest Horse Race

The total prize money has sent a frisson through the horse racing community, placing the Saudi Cup in esteemed company. Back in 2018, the Pegasus World Cup in the US had a value of $16 million, and the Dubai World Cup was worth $12 million (both figures in USD). This puts the Saudi Cup ahead by a significant amount, making it one of the most lucrative horse racing events to happen in the world.

There is an emotional connection to horses where HRH Prince Bandar is concerned; his great grandfather was King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, who was known to be the rider to beat. He led his army to battle on the back of a horse, and this is what sealed his title as “The Last Horseman”. In 1932, the Nejd and Hijaz nations were joined together to create Saudi Arabia, and it wasn’t long after this that horseracing became one of the central events in the nation. In 2003, the racetrack in Riyadh was opened, with many of the internationally renowned jockeys in the world riding and enjoying the facilities on offer.

Timed To Perfection

As there are three Cups and the winners of each can compete in the next, the timing of the Saudi Cup has been such that it gives both the winning horses and the jockeys time. With four weeks in between each race, they run together nicely with those visiting Dubai at that time of year able to enjoy the races properly. The tickets are starting at $25, whether you are looking for general admission or five-star hospitality. There has been excellent feedback to the races – and not just because of the record prize fund for the winners. There’s more than one race involved, and those who place 2nd to 10th place will share a pot of $10 million. Is it any wonder the competition is bringing people from all around the world?

The races themselves take place on both dirt track and turf, and the excitement is already building for the races to begin. This is international racing, bringing together international jockeys, horses, and guests in one place where they may not have been before. It’s the chance for discovery, exploration, and meeting those with mutual interests. The opportunity for people to be involved in such a prestigious race is what is driving the buzz behind the Saudi Cup, with the opportunity presented to bring together cultures and groups from all over the world.

Bringing People Together

The world’s richest horse race is bringing people together from all around the world, with everyone in the horse racing community excited about watching the races unfold event to event. The record prize fund is just one element of this historic sport in a majestic place. The rest of the excitement drummed up for this event is due to bringing cultures from one side of the world to the other. It’s an excellent opportunity to be involved in a global event. Once the Pegasus Cup has ended, the winners move over to the Saudi Cup – which means following your favourites is easier than ever before.

The Saudi Cup is coming up quickly, so why not get your tickets sorted today? You can visit a new country, get to know those who are excited by the racing as you are and enjoy the Dubai World Cup as the culmination of the trio of races!

The world’s richest horse race is soon to begin – are you ready?

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