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Scarborough UTC Students go behind the scenes at Alpamare

Aspiring engineers who will be starting Scarborough’s new University Technical College in September were invited to ‘go behind the scenes’ at the new Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough to investigate the detailed engineering behind the amazing and unique attraction.

Anton Hoefter Alpamare Chief Executive said “We are delighted to welcome the UTC students to the Waterpark and provide an opportunity for them to experience the latest engineering technologies which have been used to build this unique facility, the only one of its kind in the UK.  Scarborough is rapidly becoming the first choice for engineering students as a place to study and having this facility on their doorstep will provide them with an attraction from which to undertake research to support their studies.

Deputy Principal John Connell said “Visiting Alpamare will give our new students at Scarborough UTC the opportunity to study the Maths Physics behind energy transfer from potential to kinetic energy. Water slides are about putting energy to work to see what effect inertia has on acceleration and velocity.

Studying the pump, sump and filtration systems has given an insight into the use of water and the engineering behind sanitation, public health and the environment.

It is amazing what engineers can do with gravity, water and polymers. It will be amazing to see the progress of our students accelerate in the unique environment of Scarborough UTC”

Emily Williams Year 10 student and aspiring Design Engineer “

I have always been interested in rides and aim to one day design them. I got my inspiration from a ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World called Sum of all Thrills , presented by Siemens . The ride allows you to design your own roller coaster and then test it out in a simulator. The engineering principals behind making rides equally safe and exciting fascinates me and I can’t wait to learn this at my new school in September.

Beth Summers Year 10 student and aspiring thrill ride designer

‘My interest in designing experience rides came from the thrill of the rides.  I realised that I could combine my love of maths and science to design slides and rides and attending Scarborough UTC can help me achieve my dream.

I am excited for the future and hope to become an engineer specialising in designing theme park rides and slides”

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