Sue Maitland, finance and HR director, Statex Colour PrintNEWCASTLE-based print specialist, Statex, has been presented with a prestigious award to celebrate its dedication to employee development and continual business improvement. 

The company has received the Investors in People Silver award, an accolade that has been awarded to less than 600 organisations nationally and equates to just 2.82 per cent of all Investors in People awards presented. The accreditation comes following an assessment where all company processes were reviewed to ensure that best practice protocols were in place throughout key business functions.

Currently employing 90 staff, over 50 per cent of the company’s workforce has completed or is currently undertaking certified training.

Training within the print industry is often limited, with many learning ‘on the job’ with no formal qualifications, however Statex is keen to ensure that its employees receive accredited qualifications that continually expand their knowledge and skillset to help further their careers.

The company has created a structured development plan for each staff member, which has significantly contributed to the company’s high retention rate that currently stands at 47 per cent in a ten-year period.

Statex also employs nine apprentices and further apprenticeship opportunities are to be offered to some of their current staff.

Finance and HR director, Sue Maitland, said: “Being presented with this award is a huge coup for all of us and we are delighted to have met the high standards required to achieve this accreditation.

“Since our launch in 1994 we have been keen to nurture our employees’ talent and create a structured development plan to allow staff to progress within the business. This has proved to be extremely successful, as 47 per cent of employees have been with us for ten years or more – a figure that we are very proud of.

“We are also keen to develop young talent and regularly recruit apprentices to join our team.”

In addition to assessing the company’s dedication to its workforce, the Investors in People Silver award also demonstrates that Statex is able to provide a high level of customer service and quality to its customers.

“The assessment process looked at every aspect of our business to ensure that everything we were doing was to the highest possible standard. We have invested a significant amount of time into achieving this award as we really feel this gives us a market advantage and demonstrates our commitment to a high level of service and quality. We will continue to be assessed every three years to retain the accreditation, meaning we can’t rest on our laurels and need to continually strive for improvement,” Maitland finished.

In addition to Investors in People, Statex is also one of a handful of companies country-wide that has achieved ISO 126472, a colour match certification that is only awarded to companies able to produce the most complex of print jobs.

The accreditation, which was awarded following a year-long assessment into the company’s print procedures, will allow Statex to expand into new markets and assist on bespoke projects that rely on perfect colour reproduction.