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Stockton Welcomes Stressbusting Service for Shoppers

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 14.40.29Visitors to Stockton High Street can now relax, unwind and work on their wellbeing with a new massage business which has opened up in the Enterprise Arcade.

Business owner and massage therapist, Andy Allum, has launched De-stress Express in the newly revitalised town centre, a fully clothed and seated massage service for busy shoppers, stressed out office workers and visitors in need of invigoration.

Andy brings with him over 20 years of experience in complementary therapies, including aromatherapy, reflexology and Indian Head Massage, and has honed his skills working at a leading London department store and on an exclusive cruise ship, where he provided a high level of therapeutic treatment to visitors and guests.

But it is the relatively new and innovative use of chair massage that has brought Andy back home to Stockton, a town he loves. He said: “During the last 20 years of working in the therapy industry and developing my skills in massage, I have always intended to bring everything I have learned back to Stockton, and wherever I have travelled in the world, I have talked about Stockton and its achievements, like the railways and the matchstick. I am very proud to be Stocktonian, so it was always my dream to come back here and make a difference to the people of Teesside.”

The concept of chair message started in Silicon Valley in California in the 1980s at the desks of Apple Mac offices, and it has grown as a treatment for stress and muscular aches and pains across the world. As a therapeutic treatment, the chair massage aims to offer relief from stress, reducing muscular knots and tension and encouraging relaxation. It can also improve circulation and help trapped nerves, decrease fatigue and increase energy, as well as promoting a feel good factor, instilling a feeling of wellbeing.

Andy continued: “The main benefits of chair massage are that customers remain fully clothed and sat in ultra-comfortable specially designed chair, and it’s much shorter than the traditional treatment of 60 mins, ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It is so versatile, that I can change every treatment according to the individual needs of the client, and I can achieve as much in 30 mins on the chair as a 60 minute bed massage.

In addition, with the chair massage, people are not uncomfortable removing clothes and are not covered in oils. Chair massage therapy is suitable for teens to 90s, so is a great treatment for all ages.

“In terms of a location, the Enterprise Arcade in Stockton totally fits the bill. A relaxing massage now does not have to be restricted to a visit to a strangers house or a once a year treat at a spa. The idea is that this is accessible and as appointments are not required, customers can just walk in. So, for example, it is perfect for office workers who want to de-stress during lunchtimes.

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