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Why Study English in London?

ByDave Stopher

Oct 27, 2017 #English, #London

The first way to look at this really, is to ask why not study English in London? After all, it is widely recognised that one of the best ways to truly learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture that language belongs to.

Well, nowhere will you be able to do that better than in London. The city is the vibrant, multicultural hub of the English language, and if there truly is a cradle of the English language, then surely it is London.

Here you will be able to learn and practice all of the extra parts and pieces that combine to make what is the modern English language. After all, English is much more than just grammar and vocabulary.

Rather, modern English is an amalgamation of all those language rules and fundamentals, plus a wealth of history, culture, tradition and trends. To learn it properly you must live it, and experience first-hand the idioms, the catchphrases, the slang and even the hand and face gestures that are used to accentuate the language – and to make it more fun too!

Simply reading words from a book or listening along with an audio teacher or podcast is in all likelihood going to give you a somewhat dry, academic view of English.

By getting out and about on the streets of London, you can feel the language in action. This will not only give you a better appreciation of the language, it will likely help you learn it faster too. Practical examples and real life lessons can combine to give you the best possible learning experience.

The fact that London is such a fun and vibrant city will make you actively want to be out in it, putting your lessons into practice. If you want to improve on ordering food or drink, then nowhere in the UK has more restaurants, pubs or bars. If you like to learn English by hearing it spoken, there are literally hundreds of theatres, comedy clubs and lectures available all day long in the city. And where better to find English courses than in London?

Finally, do you know what else is great about London? It’s so easy to get out of! London is a hub that draws in transport for the entire country, making it easy for you to get out and see other parts of the UK – and practice your new language skills there, too!

These are just a few of the many advantages to studying English in London however, if you want to truly know them all, then the best course of action is to come here yourself, and start your own adventure in the English language.