Sunderland based technology firm Pebbletree has used the growth of its business and volume of customer reviews it receives to successfully raise £10,000 for a local charity.
Through donating a fixed sum of cash per each employee every month, in addition to donating a fixed sum of cash for every customer review received each month, Pebbletree has been able to donate the money to Tiny Lives Trust, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Pebbletree has supported Tiny Lives since 2015 and it’s thanks to the loyal and growing customer base, and the willingness of customers to get involved, that they have been able to reach this milestone.
Rather than just donate a pre-defined amount of money to Tiny Lives each month, Pebbletree decided to do things differently by challenging itself to maintain and grow its success so that not only would the business benefit, but so together with their customers they would be able to make a real difference to a worthy charity.
And this is where the idea to challenge itself to grow further – whilst also getting customers involved – was born. The more employees on the company’s books, and the more customers signed up which, in turn, increases the number of reviews received; the more money Tiny Lives get through donations.
Tiny Lives Special Care Baby Unit support premature and sick new-born babies and their families on the Neonatal Unit at the RVI in Newcastle. The charity uses donations to pay for facilities, staff and equipment on the neonatal unit, in addition to clothing for the babies and other items.
Pebbletree actively encourages customers to review their business solutions by sending out automatically generated emails to each new customer sign-up, inviting them to review the service and as a result help the company to donate money to Tiny Lives.
Pebbletree is based out of North Sands Business Centre in Sunderland and trades under multiple brands including its flagship brand Soho66, a VoIP telecoms solution; Quvu, a contact centre management system; and Simply66, a receptionist and telephone answering service.