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The 3 Best Ways To Lower Your Insurance Premiums

ByDave Stopher

Nov 11, 2021

Whether you are insured for a personal or a business vehicle, insurance is an unavoidable fact of life. Van insurance is a legal requirement, for example. Just about everybody loves to complain about the high price of insurance, but many don’t realize that there is something to be done about it. 

There are numerous ways to lower your insurance premiums and save a bit of money. Most are very simple and can result in savings right away that can add up to hundreds per year in savings.  

In this article, we will cover what some of these methods are so you can start saving money directly. 

1 – Shop around

If you have been with your insurance provider for some time then there is a good chance that you are paying too much for your insurance. Over time, when there could be discounts coming for new customers, you will be overlooked since you have been a customer for a long time.  

Call around for some quotes and you may be surprised at some of the prices you will be given. There are always deals to encourage people to leave their current provider and you likely can see significant savings by making the switch. 

It only takes a little while to call and compare quotes and to switch so there is no downside to doing so. If you are looking to stay with your provider, then let them know about the lower quotes you’ve received and ask if they can beat those prices.  

2 – Review your policy

You should review your policy when looking to save money to see what you are actually paying for. You may be paying for more insurance than you actually need. Look over your policy for comprehensive insurance items that are not relevant to your needs. There is not much of a need for some theft protection if you’re driving an old model car in an area where crime is extremely low, to begin with.  

Windscreen protection is also something that many people can do without since you end up paying more over the years to not fix a windscreen than what you would have paid had it actually gotten cracked.  

Remove the items you feel are not necessary and get on with saving money.  

3 – Drive better

Your insurance will get less expensive with each passing year without an accident or moving violation. The better you drive, the more money you will save over time. This is a fantastic incentive to not drive aggressively or be a distracted driver.  

Take on some good driving habits, including being a defensive driver, and the discounts will come in like clockwork every year.  

By eliminating bad habits like driving while texting or eating while you drive, you are going to be more focused on driving and not end up in an avoidable accident. Pay attention to the speed limits and you won’t see your premium climb next year in addition to the fine you’ve already paid.