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The bail bondsman is the go-to person when seeking the release of an arrested person

ByDave Stopher

Jun 4, 2020

Facing criminal charges upon the arrest of a person raises the specter of that person becoming a jailbird. The experience is more fearful for first-timers who would like to evade imprisonment at any cost. While in police custody, one must wait for the initial court appearance, which is the standard legal process and therefore, spend some time in jail. The only way to avoid jail is to take help from a Delaware County Castle Bail Bondsman. They can help post bail speedily and set you free until the time of appearing in court when the legal proceedings take off. Bail agents or bail bondsman, as they are called, help to relieve the stress arising from the possibility of spending time in jail and is the go-to person when you or any of your loved once face arrest on criminal charges.

Bail helps to avoid jail

Posting bail means depositing a specified sum of money in the court based on the severity of charges and the defendant’s background, which guarantees that the person will abide by the law and the bail conditions and make a timely court appearance when called for. However, the bail amount varies according to the nature of charges and its severity. It can be of a considerable amount, which often becomes a problem to arrange for in a short time to ensure a quick release. Failing to post bail will compel the person to stay in jail, which can also happen if the charges are of a non-bailable type that does not leave any room for early release. However, in most cases, people can avoid jail by posting bail.

Bail or bail bond?

Since the purpose of bail is to act a deterrent and prevent the person from evading the law or commit any crime when freed, it is natural that bail amounts are often high except for some small crimes. Arranging big funds in a short time is a challenge for most people even if they seek help from family and friends, and it might take some time during which the arrested person has to remain in jail. To speed up the process and avoid the hassles of arranging for a large sum of money quickly, bail agents can help defendants to post bail by furnishing bail bonds.

A bail bond is a promise to the court in the form of an agreement that the defendant will abide by the conditions attached to the bail for effecting their release. The defendant will appear in court when summoned on the date assigned to them.

Look for a bail bondsman

To start the process of posting bail, look for a bail agent or bail bondsman who works in an individual capacity or with a legal company and share the details of the case with them like the defendant’s name, charges, bail amount, payment information, etc. The bail bondsman will walk you through the process and complete some simple paperwork on receiving the premium amount, which is usually 10% of the bail amount.

The bail bondsman will co-ordinate with the jail and court to ensure speedy release of the arrested person who need not pay the entire bail amount.