The English Premier League season 2018/19 looks to be the best one yet with Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United all strengthening well during the summer. We have decade to take a look at each of the top 3 and see who we think could win the title this year.

Can Guardiola Do What So Many Have tried and Failed

After the stuttery start in the first season in the Premier League, Pep Guardiola took the league by storm last season by smashing a number of records. Question is, can they replicate this and win back to back trophies that have been so elusive for for so many clubs in the top flight of english football. A lot of people will back Pep to achieve this as well, however it is proven that back to back title wins are rarer than think.

Is Jose Going to get back in his Groove

The second season has famously been Jose Mourinho’s year of winning the domestic league.

He has achieved that in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England twice. This time around with Manchester United he has not had the same fortune. This could be the year that makes or breaks the Mourinho reign and we would like to see the old charismatic spark back from the silver fox.

Can Klopp get The Kop To Sing again With a Title Win

The chants of “It’s our year this year” have been rolling round the city for many years now like a bad smell. However I think that the last few years have been building to something and it seems that Klopp has built something that this season could really give Manchester City a run for their money. We think that it could genuinely be the Kop’s this time around.

The other top 6 seems to be an unknown outfit at the moment as Arsenal and Chelsea have new managers and Spurs have yet to sign anyone to bolster the squad.

With the Premier League starting in a few days from now we asked the experts and according to who have seen a in depth look into the english teams in their pre season calendar.

A spoken man for the company said,

“The top three in the 2018-19 EPL odds are Man City (-155), Liverpool (+400), and Man United (+650). But City are such overwhelming favorites that many sites are offering a wager on which team will finish atop the table excluding the Sky Blues according to The lopsided odds are deserved; City dominated last year, setting the EPL record for points (100), wins (32), goal difference (79), etcetera, and bring back all the key pieces from its historically great squad. The most significant transfer out was 35-year-old Yaya Toure, who appeared in just 10 EPL games last year and didn’t score a single goal.”

We are after your predictions this season. Who do you think will be the top 3 and bottom 3?

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