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The sense of being blocked – how to heal it to reach your goals


Jun 28, 2022 #Anne Jones, #health

By Anne Jones, author of ‘How to Heal’ 

Many of my clients have a common problem: a frustration with the way their life is unfolding – I am blocked! they say. Maybe you too are finding it difficult to find your way forward in life. This sense of being blocked manifests in a number of ways and in various aspects of your life. Here are a few:

  • Unable to find a suitable partner
  • Difficulty in getting a job or role that suits you
  • Feeling uninspired and unable to find any passion for life
  • Attempts to improve your situation are thwarted
  • Feeling that you have a purpose to fulfil but just can’t imagine what it is

What causes blocks

Blocks are barriers. They are the limitations that you unconsciously create that hold you back from happiness and fulfilment. They affect your self-esteem and contentment with your life. The most common cause is FEAR. But where does the fear come from? The culprit is one or more imprints that you hold within your psyche and spirit. Imprints are scars from your past, toxic energy remnants that hold memories and emotions caused by past trauma and upsets. They sit within you holding harmful emotions such as anger, guilt, fear or hate. They send negative and toxic impulses to the brain creating negative thoughts and attitudes. They are explosive bombs of energy that can be triggered by people or situations creating outbursts of emotions from grief to anger.

When you experience shock, trauma or sudden illness your energy field is impacted. The impact creates an imprint that holds toxic energy – negative emotions and stored memories.  This can be a one-off experience or a sustained period of trauma.

The impact of imprints

  • Imprints lower the frequency and vibrancy of your energy field, mind and spirit, causing depression, lack of will, pessimism, exhaustion, negative self-worth
  • Suppressed emotions such as anger, hate, guilt and fear create a negative mindset and very often low-self-esteem e.g. “Why bother, I always fail.” So, you can become your own saboteur
  • Constant negative thoughts create thought forms, like clouds, that hover around you, contaminate your energy-field and block the connection between your heart and your Higher Self. This inhibits your higher guidance and intuition, disconnecting you from your life plan so you are working in the dark
  • Negative imprints also act as magnets that attract similar energies, so you will attract difficult situations, challenges, and people.

Five ways to Heal your Imprints and blocks.

When you heal your imprints, you clear the fear that limits you.

  1. Acknowledge what needs healing

Firstly, ask yourself: do you have suppressed emotions? Do you feel the pain of events from your past? Do you have fears that limit you?

Start a journal and write down what you would like to heal. It can be an experience from childhood, it can be a regret that stays in your conscience. If you don’t know the cause, still write down the symptoms and the triggers. Create a ‘To Do’ list; your intentions of what you wish to heal for yourself.

  1. Clear suppressed emotions

Writing is the most effective way to release and clear old emotions that still churn inside and that burst out from time to time as anger or resentment or create bouts of depression. Take loose paper and jot down every feeling that comes up frequently or feels out of your control. If someone has abused or mistreated you then write a letter – don’t send it – just write it, expressing your side of the experience. Vent all bottled up feelings. Now is your time to let it out!

  1. Burn

Burn your writing. This will transform the emotional energy that you have passed into the paper. As you watch your writing go up in flames see how the paper burns as the burning will relate to the intensity of your emotions: smouldering, catching light slowly, creating yellow smoke or flaring and burning quickly. It is very satisfying to see this transformation and it will make you feel lighter as your release the toxic energy.

  1. Let go of the past

If you have been hurt by someone now is the time to forgive, accept and move on. By forgiving you release your attachment to their actions of the past and you set yourself free. This is a healing for yourself. Take a thread that represents your attachment and then cut it and as you do so, see the chains of the past falling away. If you feel guilt about your own behaviour cut the cord and forgive yourself.

  1. Walk through your fears

See your fears as doors that are there to be opened. Step up and challenge the energy that is holding you back. Visualise yourself accomplishing any ideas that come to you. Take back control and listen to your heart not your head – what do your really want to do with your life? Set up a plan and take the first step.

Good luck and enjoy the future, I am sure you will surprise yourself! You can find more help and guidance for your healing journey in my book ‘How to Heal’.


Anne Jones is an international spiritual healer, teacher, and author of seven books translated into 18 languages. Her books include the best seller ‘Healing Negative Energies’. Anne gives seminars and personal sessions clearing emotional blocks, releasing past life imprints, recovering self-worth and improving relationships. She has developed a training course for healers using energy symbols and supporting products including Oracle Cards and Symbol Jewellery. Anne is also the lyricist of ‘Artaban the Musical’, which debuted in the West End in 2021 and will be launched as a film late this year. Anne is also founder of the charity Hearts and Hands for Africa. Her latest book is ‘How to Heal’, is out now. For further information on Anne’s work: www.annejones.org

Website: www.annejones.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnneJonesHealer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnneJonesHealer

Instagram: annejoneshealer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-jones-healer

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