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Think Twice about ‘Extra’ Recycling

Hambleton householders are being urged to think twice before they add ‘extras’ to their recycling bins.

While the amount of recycling collected at the kerbside continues to soar contractors are still removing rogue items from the collections.

Over the past month they have found everything from duvets, pillows and curtains to knives, pans, toilet seats, plastic bags, wellington boots, clock radios, taps, wood and butane bottles in the blue lidded wheelie bins. Even saline drips, shot gun cartridges, soiled nappies and dog faeces have been removed from the recycling pile.

And every bad item placed in the bin means more expense for the council as it contaminates the entire load and must be hand sorted at the contractors before being passed on for recycling.

“Our emphasis must be on quality as well as quantity,” said Council Spokesperson Councillor Stephen Watson, who visited the Ward Recycling plant in Teesside to see at first hand where all the recycling is processed and sorted.

“Most of our material is really good quality – especially paper – and that means it can be sold on for a good price, which in turn benefits the council and its residents.

“However when the wrong items go into the bin they are classed as contaminants and they reduce the end price we can get for the load. I spotted a lot of plastic bags plus some very random items at the recycling site – dirty nappies, gas canisters, clothing, shoes, hosepipes, bath mats – none of which should be put in to the recycling bin.

“We urge householders to think twice about what they put in the bins and keep the quality high – and if in doubt check.”

He said that in the three months to June residents recycled 58% of their household waste.

To check what can – and cannot – can go in the recycling bin please visit or call the Council on 01609 779977.

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