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Training And Education Needed For A Career In Chronic Illness Management


Feb 29, 2020 #education, #health

Many public health services emphasize on intervention as well as prevention to ensure the overall safety and wellness of communities. In some instances, like chronic illness, the interest changes to management, surviving and rehabilitation. This field of public health is quickly expanding into a sector that addresses specific populations in the community and offering help that could enhance quality of life. The demand for professionals who can support and educate people with chronic diseases is rising as the population ages. A career in chronic disease management can be highly rewarding and it can help you with expanding your knowledge about several specialties as you advance in your career.

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What Does A Career In Chronic Disease Management Entail?

A position of chronic disease management coordinator is a specialised position in the nursing sector since it involves applying practical knowledge to generation of care programs for chronic illnesses. This vacancy implements programs in a clinical environment as well as community outreach and education additions to offer access to services for patients who require treatment and managing of their condition.  Some chronic disease management coordinators pay attention to specific conditions that are predominant in the community where they are working.

Training And Education

To obtain specialty in the nursing field you must have completed from an accredited nursing school and have successfully passed the licencing exam to be able to practice as a registered and practical nurse in your state. Check out chronic disease management courses for nurses. The school expectations for a position as a chronic disease management coordinator can range from:

  • Two-year certification for LPN
  • Four-year RN
  • Bachelor of nursing degree

Ongoing education and certification for various specialties will be highly beneficial to your career, but is not always a necessity. Experience however is essential when you are looking to pursue a career in chronic illness management coordination. Most medical facilities require a minimum three-year experience of working in the community health sector, as well as a year experience in rehabilitating and treating individuals with chronic illnesses. This is in addition to the two to five years of general nursing experience which is expected. Additional managerial experience in addition to LPN or RN administrative duties is also an excellent qualification. When considered for such a position, it may be required to have a steadfast background in health intervention planning as well as implementation. This can be acquired through technical training courses if this field is not something you are acquainted with.

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What Are The Tasks Performed By A Chronic Disease Management Coordinator?

It will be expected from you to carry out the following tasks:

  • Work hand in hand with facility staff to inaugurate care plans for chronic diseases that are predominant in the community.
  • Plan and create, as well as direct and incorporate, a care program that offers services for chronic condition management.
  • Coordinating a database of narrative and statistics for evaluating progress and efficiency of treatments as well as program results.
  • Monitoring educational literature for medical staff and patients.
  • Creating and spearheading outreach to the communities through health fairs, lectures and public events.
  • Offering direct patient care that falls in the limitations of the program you have created.
  • Educating the training personnel in new methods of approach to chronic condition management.

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