Restorative aesthetic dentistry, composite veneers and crowns, and how to avoid complications in the maxillary sinus have all been major discussion topics at a postgraduate training day organised by a Carlisle dental practice.

Spedding Dental Clinic’s free continuous professional development (CPD) event, now in its sixth year, was attended by 68 dental professionals from across Cumbria, Northumberland and the North West.

The dental training seminar held at the Halston Aparthotel provided delegates with over five hours of verifiable CPD training and included individual seminars from world leading industry speakers and trainers.

Professor Dominic Hassall, a specialist in restorative, prosthodontic and periodontal dentistry and president of the British Academy of Aesthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry, delivered a session on restorative aesthetic dental treatments.

He explored and shared techniques designed to improve the appearance of teeth and gums, in terms of colour, shape and alignment, as well as the patient’s smile and ability to bite food.  He also advised on how to avoid treatment pitfalls.

The award winning head of Stockport Dental Seminars, Andy Lane, who has an MPhil for research into dental materials and is a founder member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies, talked to the group about the management and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

His seminar included a demonstration on the use of Cerezen, an innovative medical treatment for jaw pain, facial pain and tension headaches caused by TMD.

Experienced NHS hospital oral surgeon Gary Bell completed the line up with an informative talk on minimising maxillary sinus complications.  The sinus impacts on the work of dentists as they are often called upon to make a diagnosis in relation to pain originating from that area.

Jack Spedding from the Spedding Dental Clinic explains:  “We’ve been running this highly popular professional training event since 2012, with the specific aim of helping Cumbrian dental practices adopt the latest techniques and widen our collective expertise for complex treatments.

“Its ongoing success means we can attract leading, influential and highly knowledgeable dental training professionals like Dominic, Andy and Gary to share their expertise with our delegates.

“In practice, our aim is to reduce the number of dental patients in Cumbria who have to travel further afield for specialist treatment.  For example, Gary already works in partnership with the practice here to undertake surgical and complex extractions, including wisdom teeth and buried roots.”

The Spedding Dental Clinic specialist training day is now an annual fixture designed to widen the provision of complex dental care and improve services within the county.  28 dental practices from Carlisle, Penrith, Maryport, Whitehaven, Wigton, Brampton, Cockermouth and Kendal were represented at this year’s event.

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