TT2 Limited, the operator of the Tyne Tunnels, has introduced a Direct Debit top-up facility for its pre-paid customers as part of a programme of digital enhancements to improve user experience.

Since November 2018, TT2 has upgraded its website to make it more customer friendly, introduced automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) at the barriers, and have designed a mobile app for iOS and Android phones.

The new Direct Debit top-ups can be set up from the website or the app, in most cases without the need for a paper Direct Debit agreement, with payments taken on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Phil Smith, CEO of TT2 Limited, said: “We’re delighted to be able to introduce Direct Debit top-ups for our pre-paid customers, as we’re confident it will make it quicker and easier for our regular customers to get on their way.

“We have received a lot of feedback from customers asking that we offer a Direct Debit linked to their account, and it’s something we’ve been able to introduce quickly as part of our ongoing digital enhancements.

“We have made signing up quick and easy, and we firmly believe that our regular users and business customers will see the benefit of being able to top up by Direct Debit immediately.

“We are already receiving a great deal of positive feedback about the app and ANPR, and we are excited about our upcoming talks with the Transport Sub-Committee about our Tyne Pass plans.”

Direct Debit top-ups are now available to all pre-paid customers.