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UK Investors Set To Recover Deposits From Failed Spanish Property Purchases

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London UK, Monday 25th July 2016 – A recent Supreme Court ruling has offered UK investors with a possible avenue to recover their deposits, following the financial collapse of property developers across Spain.

The December court ruling has upheld the notion that banks should have properly protected investor deposits, placed to secure ‘off-plan’ property purchases, in the event that developers become insolvent which results in the deposit being lost. The news comes as many UK investors had lost all hope of recovering sums of cash placed as deposits for second homes and holiday properties.

The BBC state that it is expected around 100,000 UK investors are now in line for a return of their cash, with costs mounting to around £15bn in total. Whilst the news has been received warmly by investors, they are required to apply formally through a Spanish court process on a case by case basis, with each case only being heard once.

To this end, UK based legal specialist ‘Attwood Solicitors’ is launching a service specifically for clients who have lost deposits in failed Spanish property purchases. Already an established name for recovering client losses, Attwood Solicitors are confident they can offer a comprehensive service to recover deposits quickly and professionally. The service launched at has already started receiving a large number of enquiries from clients looking to claim their deposits back from the Spanish banks.

Attwood Solicitors’ Principal Solicitor Ashley Attwood commented: “So many UK citizens lost huge sums of money in property purchases that failed dramatically. Until now, the school of thought was that these deposits were lost forever, however the recent ruling has now opened a door for investors to instruct legal professionals in a process to try and recover the funds. We’re looking forward to working with clients and aim to be the UK’s leading recovery specialist.”

For further information on deposit recovery, please visit the official website at or contact Attwood Solicitors using the details below.

About Attwood Solicitors:

Attwood Solicitors are legal services specialists committed to ensuring the best outcome for their clients. Boasting a huge depth of experience and wide-ranging case history, the organisation offers the very best legal knowledge and expertise for a broad range of claim types. Attwood Solicitors are now offering a specialised service for those who have lost deposit funds for property purchases in Spain, providing a sympathetic and supportive approach.

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