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Vaping as a helpful tool for quitting smoking

ByDave Stopher

Aug 20, 2019

Electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking no less effective than nicotine patches, showed the results of a study conducted by a group of New Zealand scientists.

These electronic devices, reminiscent of an ordinary cigarette or cigar, produce smokeless and harmless water vapor containing nicotine, and their popularity is overgrowing.

A group of scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand conducted the first clinical study, in which electronic cigarettes were compared with nicotine patches. The study involved 657 people.

Data published in Lancet magazine showed that 7.3% of test subjects using electronic cigarettes quit smoking after six months, while 5.8% of people who refused to smoke were patched.

The surge in popularity of electronic cigarettes took state officials by surprise. The EU and the UK are currently working on documents regulating the use of electronic cigarettes in the same way that drugs are regulated.

Opinions about best e cig uk (vapingdaily.com knows more) are also divided. Some say they make smoking the norm, but others say they help people quit.

Professor Peter Gaek, director of the tobacco addiction research department at the Queen Mary University of London, considers the study to be groundbreaking.

“The basic idea is that electronic cigarettes are at least as effective as nicotine patches.”

“Electronic cigarettes are also more attractive than patches for many smokers, and they can be bought in most countries without the restrictions usually imposed on drugs that are used in nicotine replacement therapy,” the scientist believes.

In the most extensive study on this subject, scientists used data from more than 8 thousand adults. Everyone provided information about their health, lifestyle, and tobacco use, and then updated information on tobacco use a year and two years later. At the beginning of the study, only 3.6% of smokers reported daily use of electronic cigarettes, and 18% reported more frequent. As a result, those who often smoked electronic cigarettes and vapes were later more likely to give up nicotine. But the periodic smoking of electronic devices did not affect the craving for cigarettes. This allowed scientists to conclude that adult smokers who also smoked best e cigarette uk every day had a 77% more chance of quitting cigarettes in two years.

Research on electronic cigarettes suggests that electronic cigarettes have helped defeat the smoking problem for hundreds of thousands of smokers around the world. Let’s understand the principles of this process and be able to quit smoking with you.

Even the first electronic cigarette was developed by a Chinese pharmacist who smoked a lot and wanted to break his habit forever. He did it – or example, followers of millions of other people, which every year becomes more and more. An electronic cigarette is a substitute for a conventional one. Nicotine, which is in a liquid, is safe and less concentrated than in tobacco and satisfies nicotine addiction – the same way.

Using an electronic cigarette is very similar to smoking. You will also take a puff, but get steam instead of smoke. If you reduce the level of nicotine to 0 mg, you get safe vaping and quickly wean from tobacco dependence.

To quickly quit smoking with the best electronic cigarette uk, you should go through several stages.

No. 1: Gradual transition

– decreases the number of cigarettes

– soar strong liquids

– go-to vape

Stage duration: 7-14 days. At the first stage, our task is to psychologically wean ourselves from ordinary cigarettes and gradually get used to the electronic cigarette. You need to realize that you are ready to quit smoking and start enjoying this process. Start listening to your body. It is important to replace conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes as much as possible; you cannot afford more than two cigarettes per day. It is necessary to use liquids for electronic cigarettes with a sufficiently high level of nicotine so that you do not experience nicotine starvation and more stress from an unusual environment. For models for cigarette draft recommended strength: 6, 12 mg / ml. For models for hookah draft 3, 6 mg/ml.


The second stage of quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette:

– completely refuse conventional cigarettes

– go-to fruit and dessert flavors

Stage duration: 1 month. Your task at this stage is to switch to an electronic cigarette completely. You should use it only all the time. No more breaks. The second important task is the transition to fruit and pastry flavors. Thus, your body will need only nicotine, not a cigarette taste. The motility of your body will change; you will cease to care about the number of cigarettes remaining, feel the ease of perception of the situation. You will begin to feel tastes and smells better. The smell of cigarettes will become nasty in a week. This is what you need; if you no longer pull on cigarettes, you can proceed to the last stage.

1) (2 weeks) – A gradual decrease in nicotine levels by switching to weaker liquids and diluting with 0 mg liquid.

2) (2 weeks) – A complete transition to liquids without nicotine.

After switching to liquids without nicotine, you will officially be able to call yourself non-smokers. Then it remains to decide whether it is worth giving up vaping best ecig uk or staying for a while. In any case, giving up nicotine will give you a choice. Of course, all indicated stages of the stages are conditional. Each organism is arranged in its way, and psychology and motivation are also different. But in general, it is worth sticking to the public process, then it will turn out to quit smoking smoothly and at ease.

General recommendations:

– The most difficult for you will be the first and last stages.

– At the early stage, you should carefully select the liquid strength. If the liquid is too strong, you most likely will not be able to soar typically.

– Particular attention should be paid to the environment, not to succumb to ridicule or pre-existing rituals.

– Even if it seems to you that something is missing, do not stop.

– Temporary inconveniences give way to better health and general calm.