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VR Is PC Gaming\’s Next Crysis Moment: Alienware Boss


Apr 9, 2018 #Alienware, #VR

VR and HDR brings Disruption in the PC Gaming Industry

For some time the gaming hardware industry seems to be on a standstill.

It has already achieved the benchmarks and high performance goals that gamers need to play demanding games on their desktops or assembled rigs. But that may not be true if we are to consider what Dell has to say!

What Alienware has to Say

According to the manufacturers of Alienware and Inspiron gaming laptops, the industry is going through a massive transformation. It may not be visible on the outside, but the insiders have spotted the trend for quite some time now.

The Entry of VR and HDR

VR has been widely integrated in various applications and they are now featuring increasingly in games. The experience of VR is something gamers have wanted for a long time and the developers also had been working relentlessly to bring it to the foreground.

Gamers need new capabilities and the industry leaders have already started coming out with upgraded versions of hardware and GPUs. It’s like revealing an Energy casino promo code and getting access to a complete new experience.

The impact was felt by graphics giant Nvidia who upgraded its entire range of 10-series GPUs with VR capabilities in the recent past.

Slowly games are also incorporating HDR which brings high graphics requirements. We will need stronger and bigger GPUs to handle the processes smoothly without any glitches.

Both VR and HDR is changing the gaming hardware industry and pushing engineers to come up with better technologies.

And Alienware seems to be realizing that quite well. Their new developments are aimed at virtual reality for all. So it doesn’t matter whether you are just looking to play some cool games with VR or looking to do something more like playing casino games in virtual reality it could all be possible in the near future.

Time for Upgrade

During the later 1990s to well into the 2000s, gamers had been forced to upgrade their hardware because they wouldn’t run the newer games.

Whilele games became interesting with clear graphics and intricate details, the requirements on the hardware department also went up.

Soon new GPUs and processors with better capabilities came out to satisfy the needs of the new age gamers. The same thing is happening all over again with the coming of HDR and VR.

What should you look for?

More people are opting for prebuilt PCs and laptops which provide greater cost effectiveness than building up your own rig. The high performance gaming laptops are also ideal for the Bitcoin miners who have high system requirements.

According to Dell, their gaming laptops and desktops attract a strong customer base from around the world. A good percentage of the customers have a preference to the 1060 configuration and look for systems that suit the bill with VR and HDR capabilities. If we can build in some great features it won’t be long before people are drawn to the winners of the gaming PC again, much like they did back in the early 2000s.

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