Artificial intelligence is one of those fields that will likely have such an impact on us that we will wonder how we survived before without it. There are basic things that I will mention as well as some things that are on a much bigger scope.

I am only going to scratch the surface with how much this will impact us, but let’s get right into it!

Self-Driving Cars

Cars will only ever be able to drive themselves if artificial intelligence is helping them do it. There needs to be artificial intelligence with cars because they have to recognize their surroundings in case there is an animal or person on the road that they must miss.

One thing that is delaying this process is that there is a lot of machine learning involved with this, and we will only trust the system after everything is figured out.

Self-driving cars are something remarkable, and it will eventually lead to fewer deaths after all of the machine learning catches up. Limiting wrecks and deaths will be a huge win for humanity because automotive deaths are still common right now.

Artificial Intelligence with Voice

Another crazy thing to imagine is that with the help of an ai voice generator, you will be able to hear yourself talk without even saying anything. For example, there is technology out there that could take a 1-minute clip of you talking and mimic your voice and talk indefinitely.

This might be the first step that we take before we can build robots that can talk exactly like us and speak just like humans. It is bizarre to think about, but it is something on the horizon that could be here before we know it.

The initial discovery of this might not be that significant, but it could morph into something later down the line that will blow our minds.

Email Categorization

The last example of artificial intelligence that I have for you is email categorization. Chances are, you probably have some email address that has a lot of unopened messages that you would spend hours sorting through.

Well, with machine learning there are tools out there that will automatically delete any emails that you are likely not going to open and make sure that you open emails that you would be interested in.

It is a complicated algorithm and process to build a tool like this, but it may become very popular. It would be especially useful for important people that get a ton of emails throughout the day. They hate to waste their time with a lot of emails and would like to only read the important ones and have the unimportant ones categorized in a different folder.

Those are just a few basic ways that artificial intelligence is changing our world. If you are interested in content like this, there are a lot of other great posts out there that talk about how artificial intelligence is impacting the world.