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ByDave Stopher

Mar 31, 2024

The virtual reality market is kicking into gear, and projections suggest it could be mainstream by 2030. The idea behind VR is to immerse the user in a digital world, enabling them to experience things they never would have dreamed of in their natural surroundings.

Various companies in Newcastle are leading the way with immersive technologies and helping push them forward. VR is likely to be integrated into popular industries in the UK soon, specifically into the online casino industry.

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Online Casinos Heading for Full Immersion

For technology like VR to kick off, it will need a powerhouse like the online casino sector to get behind it. Luckily, the iGaming market is heading that way, and developers have always aimed to increase the immersion levels in their games. For instance, the online slots at Paddy Power are now so advanced that they offer rich virtual worlds for players to get lost in. These range from fantasy offerings like Panther Moon: Bonus Lines, to realistic fishing games like Crabbin’ For Cash Megaways.

Slot games have always incorporated new technology as it has come about, and they are likely to do the same with VR. It seems like these detailed titles are just a few steps away from this future, as it’s clear that developers are aiming to create themed titles with high levels of immersion. When VR comes along, players may be able to jump straight into the thumbnails and find themselves in the surroundings of the game. In Crabbin’ For Cash, for example, players could swim around a watery world with giant reels there for them to spin.

Newcastle is a Hotbed for Immersive Tech Developers

If the online casino industry is going to start using more VR, it could be helped by the great work that’s going on in Newcastle. There are a few names at the forefront of developments and helping push the technology along. For instance, Luminous Group received £1 million in investment recently. It aims to use this to work on a range of training applications for VR, AR, and mixed reality.

Source: Pixabay 

Zerolight is another VR company tailoring its cutting-edge solutions for the automotive industry. Currently, the software allows users to explore and customise cars in a digital environment. This could change the game when it comes to car purchasing, with buyers getting a real feel for how their vehicle could end up looking. This tech could then be applied to other industries where people would benefit from seeing something in action.

UK advancements in VR go beyond Newcastle, with Coatsink based in Sunderland. It’s working on immersive video games and has already marketed some globally. Companies like this could help push VR integration in online casinos as well.

It’s great to know that Newcastle is at the heart of VR development, as it is set to have a huge impact on the world in the years ahead. It could be great for economic growth in the city and may inspire other start-ups to emerge.