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Why building a tiny house from a shipping container is a great idea

ByDave Stopher

May 12, 2020

If you’re one to follow trends, you already know that tiny houses are all the rage right now. Small, quirky, cute, and practical, people can’t stop swooning over them. Based on the less is more principle, they’re definitely far from the traditional homes most of us are used to, but their appeal is undeniable.

They come in different shapes and sizes, but there’s one particular type that caught our eye – shipping container houses. In case you’re searching for a tiny alternative to conventional homes, this might be it. But if you’re not yet convinced, we’ll give you a few good reasons why a shipping container conversion can be the best idea ever.

Budget friendly

We’ll start with the most obvious reason: shipping containers are quite cheap. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to buy all the necessary building materials and start from scratch. All you have to do is search for shipping containers for sale and you’ll find countless affordable options to choose from. And just like that you already have the main body. That simplifies the whole process significantly and if you don’t want to complicate yourself too much, you will spend far less by choosing this kind of structure.


A shipping container’s purpose is to transport items in a safe manner and withstand all sorts of harsh conditions on their journeys, so strength and durability are probably the best way to describe them. Since they’re built to last, you won’t have to worry about potential hazards like you would if you were to live in a normal dwelling. Violent storms, earthquakes or fires can come your way, but your shipping container will still stand.


Don’t think for a moment that a shipping container house will be boring because of its shape. You can use your imagination and create interesting designs by mixing and matching various containers. Who’s to say you should limit yourself to only one? Just like you would play with Legos, you can add more modules depending on your needs, allowing you to transform your house over time.

Time saving

Needless to say, having the main structure already in place, everything becomes easier. You’ve already skipped a few steps that would have required considerable time and effort. You can move on to building the rest of the house much faster and you’ll have more time to focus on the details as well.


A shipping container house won’t only keep you safe from natural hazards, but it will also protect you from prowlers and intruders. As long as you make sure to secure windows and doors as well, your tiny home will be a safe heaven. Good luck to anyone trying to break into it.

Great aesthetics

No matter how you stack and arrange containers, the end result will definitely be a great looking house. Their modern vibe and one of a kind design gives them a lot of character that makes up for whatever flaw you might find in them.