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Why do all the great businesses have a settlement agreement solicitors?


Sep 12, 2022

The knee jerk reaction to a settlement agreement in work is that there could be blame to be had or one party has done something wrong. However this is far from the case. A company that looks after both its employees and assets knows that the best business security is to prevent any future issues from happening.

This is why alot of the best companies will create a settlement agreements with employees when they leave employment.

Now there are a number of reasons why a person could leave their role. Theses could strength from external promotion or relocating to termination of contract of employment. What ever the change in circumstances, a need for a settlement agreement prevents any potential bad blood and legal action at a later date.

Why would you want to do this? Over recent years there has been an uprise in ‘ambulance chasing’ solicitors that are seeking to gain wealth from another’s mishaps. For example a employee who has is leaving and there is a question about company procedure intellect. This might have been closely followed, but not strictly abide by may have slight grounds for a claim.

A legal settlement in this case agrees on a figure that will allow both parties to reach a happy walking away point where no party will return seeking a further financial incentive.

The increase in the saying where there is blame there could be a claim, means that there is an inevitable increase in the demand for solicitors. So when looking for a solicitor think about what there skill set is and how they will best help you. The best solicitors care about there clients and they get paid a premium for this. Rather than a solicitor seeking to gain and a wage a clients expense.

One of the best employment law solicitors that can be found is Hibberts Solicitors who reside in Cheshire and Shropshire, however work with clients on a national level.

Here is a map to get to Hibberts Solicitors…

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