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Why You Should Know What Binary Options Are


Aug 9, 2021

If you’re a trader, then you should definitely know a thing or two about binary options. Why? Because, sooner or later, you’ll be tempted to try them and, depending on what you find online, you might consider them a scam at first.

Even if they seemingly work pretty much like gambling does, they still require the implementation of the specific knowledge that every other type of trading requires. Ultimately, knowing more about various trading options allows you to diversify your portfolio, increase your earnings, and determine what types suit you the best. 

What are Binary Options in the Trading World?

As mentioned above, binary options are widely regarded as gambling or a trading type that is prone to fraud. This is due to how they work on the most basic level. Just as the name implies, there can be only two results of a binary trade.

The trader either wins a pre-determined amount or nothing at all. Basically, if your binary options trade rounds up a negative result, you lose your entire investment. This is the main reason why people associate it with gambling.

But it’s not the binary options that made such a bad name for themselves – it was actually the brokers!

Binary Options Brokers

One should know more about binary options so that they can choose their future brokers carefully.

Binary options are regulated in the US and can be traded with only around three different bodies/entities at the moment. Naturally, this limits the binary options market available to US citizens. As a result, they turn to the rest of the world for this trading option.

But the brokers outside of the US are not regulated and come with risks – the biggest risk is, obviously, getting scammed. For example, following forex signals implies relying on the reputation of a certain professional trader. When it comes to binary options, you have to trust the broker more than you trust your own experience and knowledge.

Why You Should Know About Them?

Some learn more about binary options so that they’re able to avoid them. Others learn about them so that they can exploit this type of trading.

Like it or not, despite the form taken by binary options, they still imply and use the trading fundamentals – market research, analysis, experience and knowledge. Given there can be only two answers to a trade, some people might find it easier to round up a profit if they know their way around the market.

However, ultimately, what traders should know about binary options is the fact that they are not regulated outside the US. If they get scammed by a non-US broker while trading binary options, nobody can help them.

The Bottom Line

Many see binary options as the scourge of online trading. As mentioned above, it’s because of how much they resemble casino games and gambling. Nevertheless, they are still traded.

Professional traders can use them to diversify their portfolios by making small investments into this type of trading. One of the best parts of binary options trading is that they require little to no maintenance. Once you enter a trade, it comes with an expiration date – that’s when you see if you lost or won.

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