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4 Top Parking Tips

ByDave Stopher

Sep 9, 2021

One of the most stressful aspects of driving can be parking your car. The relief of reaching your destination after a long drive can be very short-lived once you realise you now need to find an adequate space to leave your vehicle. We’re here to help alleviate that worry and provide you with some top parking tips that’ll have you parking in style in no time.

Our Best Parking Tips 

Once you have mastered the art of parking it’ll become completely second nature to you (kind of like driving a car). A great place to start is by doing your research beforehand and discovering the best parking spots in the area. You can use websites such as Stashbee to look into renting out spaces for an hourly parking rate if you are on the hunt for quick, short-term spaces. People across the country also rent out their driveways and garages as a way to create more accessible parking spots for travellers coming from afar. This is a popular option for those looking for affordable long-term parking. 

Here are a few more practical parking tips that will help you once you have researched the parking spots available.  

  • Find the best spot for your car

You’ll be surprised how many people stumble at this point, as it hinders their entire parking experience. Before you choose a spot, take the time to assess whether or not it is a suitable size for your vehicle. You should be able to leave yourself a couple of feet from each end of your car. Remember, forcing your car to squeeze into a tight spot will only make leaving it that much harder!

  • Don’t rush the process of parking 

Taking your time may seem like a fairly simple and general parking tip, but it is one that the majority of drivers ignore due to impatience. Rushing the process creates more chances for errors and driving mistakes that can be very dangerous. As frustrating as it may be, parking slowly will ensure that you fit into the spot safely and accurately. 

  • Manoeuvre your car accurately whilst parking 

Using a few simple tricks to ensure you are moving and steering your car correctly whilst parking will save you oodles of time and stress. Here a few really easy and straightforward steps that can improve your parking experience:

  • Take the time to check the road around you and the area immediately near your car. There may be a parked car or large objects that need to be maneuvered around slowly and accurately to avoid any accidents. 
  • Go easy on the pedals! Putting too much force on the brake or accelerator can cause your car to move more than you meant it to.
  • Make sure you have left enough space at the front and back of your car to straighten up as necessary.

  • Use your mirrors

A lot of drivers forget how useful their mirrors can be when parking, especially when keeping your eye out for blind spots. Your side mirrors will help whilst reversing and lining up back tyres against the kerb. 

Reaching your end destination and securely leaving your car in a safe space doesn’t need to be an ordeal or unpleasant experience any longer. Bearing these parking tips in mind the next time you’re fitting your car into a spot will save you a lot of time, energy, and stress – especially if you need to reverse or parallel park.