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5 Best Gifting Ideas During Covid-19

ByDave Stopher

Jun 11, 2021

The pandemic has brought in a new kind of lifestyle for people across the world. But perhaps the biggest adjustment we all had to make was the lockdown and with it, the long periods of isolation. There were people alone in their homes celebrating their birthdays and other special occasions. It was indeed a difficult time for everyone. At times like these, the best thing to do is to remind people that they are not alone. That even if we are physically apart, we remember the big days and small successes and celebrate them.

Standing in this fast-paced world, sending each other gifts as reminders of our love and affection is so much more important. So here are a few gift ideas that can help our loved ones get through times of isolation.

5 Best Gifts to Consider

  1. Care packages: Personalised care packages are one of the most beautiful gifts when you haven’t seen someone in a long time. A care package can be a simple collection of the things a person likes packed into a box, with a small note with a message. The best thing about a personalised care package is that it can contain whatever you want to put in it – chocolates, flowers, maybe ice cream or a playlist of movies written out on paper. The personal touch to the gist is sure to make anyone’s day complete.
  2. Customised Gifts: Another version of a care package can be customised gifts. There are various small and local businesses that specialise in customizing items that can be perfect as gifts. These gifts are mostly fit for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. There are different gift items that can be customized – cakes and confectionery, jewellery, keychain, a custom iPhone case, accessories and so much more. These can be beautiful creative gift options for people who have a unique taste of items in their house.
  3. Food Items: With the pandemic keeping people indoors, more door-to-door food businesses have come up more than ever before. Local shops have built up a great reputation for sustainable cooking and ensuring fresh food delivery boxes reach their customers. These make amazing gifts for people who love to try new eateries. Not to mention, food can be an instant mood-lifter for most people!
  4. Small plants as reminders: For your friends and family who have a thing for all things green, there are a variety of succulents and water-retaining plants to send as gifts. These can be really meaningful gifts to add to someone’s little garden. To make it more personal, a little design on the pot can make the whole gist better.
  5. Reading and writing items: If you know that someone has a knack for reading and writing, the best gift is to go back to the classic gifts of books and journals. Send them the book that they had been telling you about. Sending a journal can mean you are helping them to build back their habit of writing, something that can save them during a time of isolation.

If you are thinking of letting someone know how much you miss them or want to share a little token of appreciation, these gifts can be the best things during the pandemic. It is only if we stay strong together, that this time will be in the past really soon. In the meantime, let us stay indoors and stay positive about the future!