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5 common mistakes off-road beginners have to avoid


Dec 10, 2021

Are you planning to go on an off-road adventure this coming holiday? As a beginner off-roader, it’s essential to keep in mind several tips. They will maintain your safety and improve your off-roading skills. Many people will talk about what to do as a beginner, but few will talk about newbies’ common mistakes. Premium Jeep Rental offers quality vehicles that you can use for off-roading. Besides the essential tips you will get, here are five common mistakes many newbies make. 

Trying to do it alone

All newbies in this adventure industry shouldn’t hit the trails by themselves. It’s good to have other parties to enjoy the adventure with them. You learn off-roading skills through frequent practice, and mistakes are bound to happen. You can get stuck, the brake system fails, or you get lost while in the wilderness. The worst thing to happen to you is finding yourself held up in a remote place, and you cannot get back to safety. 

When you have colleagues with their vehicles, chances are you will make it home safely. It’s always good to go with others to be safe no matter your ability level. If you are still fresh in the field, take time to meet other local off-road clubs to meet other off-roaders. Make sure also you have enough time behind the wheels. Notify your family and friends to know exactly where you are. 

Tackling the hardest trails

A baby has to crawl before walking, right? The same principle still exists in off-roading, where crawling can be your actual goal. Before learning to crawl, learn how a vehicle reacts off the tarmac. 

Start with easy trails as you develop your driving skills. Be patient with yourself in this process, as it will take time. Learn the vehicle’s lowest point, highest point and width. Learn how to handle different terrains and how to rig you are wheeling. 

Not having the right gear

You can sometimes get tempted to jump in the vehicle and hit the trails without care. You need to prepare yourself for worse scenarios that may surface. Have a set of tools. Have the basic tools that will enable you to repair the jeep in case of a problem. You shouldn’t have a complete set of the tool crib, but having some is a good idea. 

Have food and water for the journey as you go into remote areas. The first aid kit is also important, with the correct clothing to match the weather. 

Failing to air down tires

Not lowering tire pressure is a common mistake by many new off-roaders when they hit the dirt. You need to lower the pressure to improve trail traction. The highway pressure won’t hold well on uneven surfaces. You expand the tire footprint off-road and improve traction by lowering the pressure. It also helps to spread out the tire’s contact patch. You need a portable air compressor to air back the tires.

Going off-trail

Drive responsibly off-road to limit environmental impact. Follow the set principles to keep the land safe. Don’t spin tires and only use enough throttle needed. Take the path with less resistance. 

Don’t get tempted to blaze your paths on public land. Use the already travelled and cut trail in place. Driving off trail will destroy the land and the ecosystem. Use the following tips provided for all off-roaders:

  • keep the trails open. 
  • Preserve the ability to drive off the pavement for the coming generations.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be a land steward.
  • Uphold the best practices.


Off-roading is a tempting activity that can make you do crazy stuff. As a beginner in the field, observe the above mistakes not to repeat them to enjoy your off-road adventure.

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