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7 Features Luxury Home Buyers Shouldn’t Ignore

ByDave Stopher

May 27, 2021

The definition of a luxury home can be different for different buyers. What can make a luxury home lavishing and outlandish are its features, amenities, interiors, or facilities. Furnishing, designing, and building a customized home from its ground is an enjoyable experience. Homes are everything for the homeowners, and they like to include a secluded place for the workplace, gym, entertainment, etc. Luxury home buyers seek home upgrades to make their lifestyle better and avoid discomfort due to changes in weather or circumstances.

Dual Occupancy homes are trendsetters and their buyers always look for something new to establish. Therefore, they stress upon every minute aspect to make their home stand out among others. Here we have shortlisted a few features that every luxury home buyer seeks in buying their properties.

Let’s know about few features that any luxury home buyer shouldn’t ignore:


Many great realtors understand the importance of rearranging furniture and how it can make all the difference to the buyer’s world. Certain arrangements can feel inviting and open, and the buyers can feel an instant connection. Undoubtedly ugly furniture can allow your rooms to feel tiny and also hide its key features. Try to picture the furniture while walking through the rooms to know the look and feel of the home after rearrangement.


Builders usually rely on interior designers and architects to seek advice from lighting specialists to design lighting plans. They do procure lighting fixtures in bulk, especially the economical ones. It means the kind of homes they design look for the same style, versatility, strength, and quality of fixtures, and it may not be right as per any home buyer’s requirements. Lighting should serve the purpose and highlight conversations, art, activity areas, and something important as per the owner’s lifestyle. This type of specific requirement does require consultation with the specialist.


Undoubtedly insulation defines the home environment and diffuses the sound between floors and rooms. The insulation is not part of the interior designing process. Many luxury homeowners complain of various noise issues between floors and rooms that methods like spray foam insulation can help them. Open floors and walls should be open to beef up the insulation for sound ceasing. It can extend to the doors too, instead of making them hollow try buying the solid wood to buffer noise.


Drawers, doors, and cabinets can define the look for many rooms in the house, especially for bathrooms and the kitchen. The cabinet undoubtedly is a big deal while certain aspects do not need to be. By making a quick hardware fix, you can spruce up the old-looking drawers or cabinets. Always feel free to exchange the old or plastic knobs with the classic iron or sleek stainless ones that allow your room to hone a new style. You can apply the same concept to the doors too.

Floor Plan:

The open floor plans are not liked by everyone, especially people who want to hide the mess created by eating and cooking. While walking through the plans, look at various models and renderings and imagine all space and then think about the privacy of all family members. Before finalizing, the floor plan should be thought about furniture, safe spaces, comfortability, and space productivity. All changes should be made beforehand to avoid confusion and issues later.

Modern and large baths:

A few years back, Jacuzzis and bathtubs were some of the major selling features for houses. They are still important for many homes, especially for first-time buyers who prefer modern and large showers. Well-designed and functional bathrooms with head sprayers and multiple bodies are quite attractive. Up-grading your home bathrooms by removing the old tubs and expanding the bathing area for showers can help. You can also try to incorporate modern tiles and glass enclosures that are easy to keep and clean.

Smart Home:

Many first-time buyers nowadays are millennials and are quite tech-savvy. They like to live in luxurious and comfortable homes. As the home buyers, they would like the realtors to meet their demands for technology. Therefore they like to incorporate smart features and home gadget upgrades like cell phones and internet connectivity services.

Houses with the automation option allow the owners to control the security system, thermostat, and sound system. Homeowners also look for USB power outlets in the properties.