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Building Society is a Friend Of Belmont Park

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The Guisborough branch of Darlington Building Society has made a donation from its community fund to help build a new playground.

The £500 donation was made to Friends of Belmont Park Community Group, a local group of residents who are trying to raise enough money to provide a new playground and update the ageing sports facilities in Belmont Park.

In 2015, the group undertook a public consultation and online survey which found that 100% of the respondents were in favour of the construction of a new play area.

Darlington Building Society is the first local business to make a donation towards the £68,000 needed to realise the group’s ambition of removing the old structure and replacing it with modern playing equipment surrounded by soft surfacing and secure fencing. It made the donation from its community fund, which makes monetary donations to causes nominated by members of the Society.

Janine Richardson of Belmont Park Community Group, said: “We’re exceptionally grateful to Darlington Building Society for its generous donation.

“Having completed the necessary tender process and submitted design plans, we are now in the final process of raising the £68,000 that we need to build a playground that can be used by children of all ages and abilities.

“We have a great deal of support from the local community and council. Now we need businesses to follow Darlington Building Society’s lead and help us to make this dream a reality.

“Donations are key to our project’s success. No matter how large or small, all donations are welcome.”

Colin Fyfe, Chief Executive at Darlington Building Society, said: “Darlington Building Society likes to help all of our communities in every way possible. When we heard about the Friends of Belmont Park project we knew this was an initiative worthy of supporting.

“After meeting with the group and discussing with them their aims we were only too happy to make a donation from our community fund. We hope our donation can help to contribute to restoring this park for the children of Guisborough and for future generations.

“We hope that our donation will be the catalyst that inspires other businesses to make a contribution, no matter how large or small.”

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