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Cover Your Bases – 4 Things All New Businesses Need

ByDave Stopher

Jun 11, 2020

There are some things that every single business needs during its fledgling stages to facilitate proper growth and for it to truly take flight. It can be hard as a new business owner to establish what exactly you need and what you do not. There are many sources with conflicting information online, which is why this guide will endeavor to bring you the fundamental must-haves for every new business. From security measures to insurance, there are many things you may have potentially forgotten and many things you may not have known about in the first place.

So your business can achieve what you want it to achieve, you must cover your bases. Here are four things all new businesses need.


Security is absolutely instrumental for every single business, no matter the sector. Crime is rampant. The Western Australia Police Force recorded 119,551 instances of home and commercial break-ins between 2019 and 2020. Statistics like that are absolutely shocking, and that is why teams like the professionals of www.perthsecurityservices.com.au/ offer security services to prevent you from falling victim to break-ins and thefts. Wherever your geographical location, you should ensure you have the necessary and adequate security in place. For new businesses security is absolutely instrumental in maintaining longevity; there are many new businesses that due to the theft and break-in have had to completely close their doors and have been unable to sustain themselves.

Not only will proper security measures deter would-be burglars and thieves from breaking into your business, they will also increase the likelihood of the thieves being apprehended post the crime taking place. Measures in place such as CCTV and alarms will also enable you to potentially catch them during the act. In recent years, motion sensor technology has really taken off, and you can have it wired to your home so if there is any movement in your business it will immediately turn your sensor on.

If your business is on the internet, then it is imperative to your success that you introduce digital security measures. The internet is abounded with fraud and deception and leaving your place of business unsecured online can be potentially dangerous. Your data is an integral part of business when you work online, and having that data compromised can not only shatter your business, but it can also shatter your customers’ image of you.


Insurance is another absolute necessity. You must have every single aspect of your business insured, from products to property. A business, much like a home, can be subject to all manner of disasters, from natural to unnatural. You must ensure your business is insured against theft, damages, and fires. You never know what is potentially around the corner, which is why you should make sure that your business is always covered and that should anything happen to it, it will be perfectly fine and you will receive an insurance payment to compensate for the damages.

When shopping for insurance, be sure to shop comparatively and find the best deal for your business. High insurance premiums are something no virgin business needs, and with not much revenue coming in, they can prove to be a fatal blow and see your business declaring bankruptcy.


SaaS is an innovative and fantastic addition to the way digital businesses work. There was a time when you would have to install software on your computer systems one-by-one and pay for the respective packages. Now, thanks to SaaS solutions, you need only pay a monthly subscription fee and you will be able to install software hosted on the cloud on all of your computers.

It is much cheaper and more convenient, and you no longer have to hard install or update software. SaaS software has become very popular in the last few years, and huge businesses have employed it and introduced it to their computer systems with great success.


It may sound cliché, but a new business needs motivation. It can be difficult to maintain a business, especially if it is not making as much money as you might have predicted it to make. By persevering with your business model, you are likely to achieve success, more so than if you give up. Nothing happens overnight, and if you quit because your business does not appear to be proving lucrative after a short while, then you may be ruining your future chances for success. Stay determined and stick it out.

Now you know four things that every single business needs! It is absolutely fundamental to your business’s long-term success that you introduce these measures and get well on your way to becoming financially independent.