Whether youre freeing up some funds for a holiday, relocating, upgrading or just tired of the same old motor, getting a car off your books is a task that can end one of two ways. A bad deal can leave you feeling deflated, like youve burnt a wad of twenties into ash; a good deal, though, will bring a smile to your face and a weight to your wallet that will make you feel youve unleashed your inner wheeler dealer! To avoid disappointment and line your pockets with that bit more cash, here are some industry tips thatll help you squeeze the last bit of value out of your faithful old banger.


  • Don’t Knee-Jerk Sell. When selling a car, your first thought might be to contact friends you know who are looking for a ride, to strike a deal with them. Of course, if youre a generous soul, this will probably involve mate’s rates which put a needless dent in your profits. If, for whatever reason, the car breaks down a month after the cash has changed hands, youve got a difficult situation to resolve. Its worth considering these two eventualities before sending out the texts!
  • Don’t Raise the Price. While you want to get the best deal possible, you shouldn’t set your price too high. By all means, don’t settle for a low price, but before you put your car on the market, you should see what others are going for – both for ease and integrity.


  • Sell to Learners. If your car is anything like the sort of car young drivers learn in – maybe it was your first car – then the learner market might be a great option for shifting your old car. Parents like the type of a compact, small-engine car that you may be looking to upgrade from. Best of all, youll get a very decent price for what you may consider a slow, and perhaps a little worthless, old runner!
  • Find a Reliable Car Scrapping Company. Sadly, we do not live in a car utopia where hatchbacks glide eternally over the nations roads. If your car is a little towards the ropey side, it might be time to let it go to vehicular heaven. Find a reliable car scrapping company to take it off your hands for more cash than youd expect. If it helps, you can think of your next car as a reincarnation of your deceased old faithful.
  • Go to the Dealership. Another sensible option is to contact local dealerships, getting some quotes, and handing over the keys in either a straight car-for-cash deal, or in a part-exchange. This option isnt without its risks, so do read some tips on part-exchanging your car before giving your local dealership a ring. More often than not, the dealer will try to cut a bad deal for you (and a good deal for the dealership), but all this entails is some good-spirited haggling to squeeze more pounds out of your old car.

Some people get rid of their old cars with a tear in their eye, while others cant wait to see the back – or boot – of it. Whatever the reason you have for cashing in on your old motor, bear these dos and donts in mind and youll be sure to cut a great deal!