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Extraordinary Office Tables That are Innovative and Ahead of Time

ByDave Stopher

Jun 2, 2018

Desk or table is the most important furniture in the office. It is the place where problems are solved, ideas are created, and business is built. Further, office place plays a vital role in the civilization from architectural creations to space for your personal peripherals and everything in between!

However, if you own an office and are looking forward to buy office tables in bulk for your office then choose the best Contemporary Office furniture in the town which might even give you great discounts!

You can even own these extraordinary office tables which comes with some unique features making them stand out from the crowd!

Herman Miller Airia Desk

Let’s start off with Herman Miller Airia Desk. Herman Miller is a well-known when it comes to office furniture Dubai, equipment, and home furnishings. Introducing the Airia Desk which is a fine balance between furniture design and features. It was inspired for the serious work desk for the home as well as for the office.

The Airia features cork-lined drawers with built-in organizers which reflects the designers’ genuine desire! The desk also has removable covered cutouts routes which hide all the cables and wires and three removable trays for smaller items. Moreover, the Herman Miller Airia Desk is the perfect combination of style and features.

Stand Desk

In the recent studies, doctors have found that sitting for 7-8 non-stop is as injurious to health as smoking! That is why Steven Yu, co-founder of Standing Desk has created a solution i.e. Stand Desk. It is an innovative design and as the name suggest the desk elevates up or down with a press of a button.

With the help of stand desk you can feel better-reducing pain in your lower back by standing throughout the day and when you can get tired, you can press the button and lower the desk and you can work while sitting! However, a study conducted by Business Insider concludes that standing boosts up to 10% more productivity with higher energy levels and improved concentration.

Stir Kinetic Desk

The Kinetic Desk from Stir is the most advanced desk you should have! Just like Stand Desk, the Kinetic Desk also features standing function but it gets an inlaid touchscreen control which controls the desk by just tapping on it. The desk even gets connected with your device and greets them when you arrive! Isn’t it smart? Right!

However, it even gets connected with the Wi-Fi and your preferences are stored on the cloud systems, You can even check analytics such as percent of desks that change position daily, calories burned, and even desk occupancy, you can get all these information in real-time basis!

Wrapping Up!

The office tables that are mentioned above are some of the most advanced yet innovative. However, there are many desks such as Details Workstation which comes with a treadmill so don’t have to rush for the gym after work! Another unique design is Torino Desk which comes with a large part that can slide open to reveal the drawer section for storing papers, notebooks, and many small things when not in use!