The Hard Baroquer, a music blog aimed at helping home musicians hone their craft, has launched #minutemusichallenge as a way of helping people pass the time through the magic of music.

The challenge is simple: post a video of yourself performing a song – any song – and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #minutemusichallenge. Aim to make it a minute long and show your stuff!

Editor of the blog, Pana Markides explained: “Music is a source of joy and therapy for millions around the world, so let’s keep ourselves in good spirits!

Markides tweeted: “Play an instrument, sing, dance, DJ or lip sync to any tune. Aim to make it around a minute.

Post a video of your performance with the hashtag #minutemusicchallenge and these instructions, then retweet or like someone else’s.

Let’s work together and make staying home a breeze!”