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Healthcare Software Development


Sep 1, 2016

The healthcare industry could not function properly without technology, and its uses of software are becoming increasingly innovative as time goes on. From electronic patient records to home care scheduling software, healthcare software is responsible for streamlining administrative tasks and increasing the quality of care in the industry. The development of healthcare software requires a high level of knowledge and skill. Particularly when it comes to the management of healthcare data, these software specialists need to be experts in their field as patient data and other medical data are often stored on software platforms and the security of that data is of the utmost importance.

The level of compliance when it comes to healthcare software development is very high. Software providers need to go through many different processes to demonstrate that the way they build software is compliant with the data security standards required for healthcare. This is not just limited to the way that they write code, it is also very much linked with the security of their infrastructure and the way they manage it. High compliance is equally required in the way they run their business – from the conduct of employees to the security of their premises.

Healthcare software development is therefore a different ballgame to more standard business software development. As well as the compliance side of things, the functionality of the software is designed with critical objectives in mind. These are related to human health and well-being, some of the most important ways that software can impact us. Whether it is for behavioural change or disease management, for education or health tracking – there are so many ways that healthcare software development can have a significant impact on our health.

From a software development perspective, this task is again very different from your average business software project. It requires clinical trials and in-depth user studies to gauge the user experience and effectiveness of the technology in healthcare. The sales process will again be unusually complex because of the barriers to entry in this market; with many controls and standards in place it can be a challenging market to crack as a newcomer.

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By Emily