As businesses with purpose across the region have been clamouring to join the Kind Currency family, founder Michelle Jones has brought forward plans and launched the website this week.

The site opens up with the strap line Imagine A World Where Kindness Is Currency. It goes onto explain the concept as:

People. Planet. Purpose. Humankind needs to change to a kinder way of living to protect and sustain people and planet.

Kind Currency is a solution; a subscription membership community bringing together conscious consumers with local ethical businesses to develop a kindness fund to close the disadvantaged gap and level up society to protect people and planet.

Michelle explains:

“Filled with information on how to join our family, offering great deals to conscious consumers and a blog full of introductions on the companies who are already part of the family, the website is mainly aimed at businesses with purpose at the moment. As the concept grows, so will the website and its content.

“We are currently working on the App, which is where all the magic will happen and as soon as that is ready, we will be going live! Exciting times and a great time to join the journey if you are a business with purpose!”

Kind Currency aims to marry together conscious consumers with businesses who have a purpose or an aim to do good, all whilst creating a charity fund to support disadvantaged kind people and causes that society depends upon.

Unique in its positioning Kind Currency merges B2B, B2C and charitable activity all in one Community Interest Company which creates an economy of kindness to protect, sustain and celebrate, kind people, kind businesses and kind causes.

More information is available by following Kind Currency on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by visiting