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MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT – Tuesday 13th July from 10:30am

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum will be hosting the next MEF Connects event, focused on Mobile IoT, on Tuesday 13th July from 10.30am (UK time) to 17.30pm (UK).

IoT is scaling rapidly towards a forecast of 25 billion connected devices by 2030. Connectivity is at the heart of this growth but put the words ‘IoT’ and ‘connectivity’ in the same sentence and it’s easy for peoples’ minds to leap immediately to thinking about mobile network operators.

But what about enterprises and opportunities with their own private IoT networks? There are huge opportunities for Industrial IoT.

For suppliers, there are abundant opportunities in driving these changes with efficient devices, effective global connectivity, robust security, and sustainable solutions.

Whether you are part of an enterprise, a supplier, or an interested industry player, it is important to understand the developments in this fast-growing market.

During MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT event you will hear from industry experts on subjects including:

  • How opportunities are shaping around key geographical areas
  • The evolving needs of the enterprise around IoT
  • The development of the IoT connectivity landscape, the emerging competitive environment and how business models need to adapt
  • How connected vehicles and IoT healthcare offer substantial opportunities for suppliers
  • The impact of industrial IoT and new ways of working including digital twins and blockchain
  • The evolution of the technologies that underpin IoT and the impact of 5G
  • IoT’s green credentials as a sustainable solution
  • Where the main challenges and opportunities lie for suppliers?

Expert speaks come from a range of companies including:

Kaleido IntelligenceGSMAKORE WirelessBAYFU | Bayerische Funknetz GmbHTransatel, aeris, Sierra Wireless, Apiro Data Ltd, Zariot, BICS, Manadala Insights, Nokia, Pelion, Transforma Insights, Vodafone, Juniper Research, Sensoria Health Inc., plus more…..

Sign up for MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT – Tuesday 13th July at 10:30am UK – 17:30pm UK for free here https://mobileecosystemforum.com/events_/mef-connects-mobile-iot/


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