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Organisers reminded to prioritise participant safety at Tyne & Wear community events in 2024


Mar 25, 2024

Hosting community events, like Newcastle’s dragon boat race, or the various local festivals that take place across the county, can be fantastic ways for charities, not-for-profits, and local organisations to boost fundraising efforts and promote a sense of local spirit.

While these events are undoubtedly beneficial, Ansvar, the insurance experts for the charity, faith, and not-for-profit sectors, is reminding organisers to carefully consider and manage potential risks to ensure the safety and success of their initiatives.

Adam Tier, Head of Underwriting, at Ansvar, commented:

“With the seasons changing, we will start to see more community events taking place across the county. These events can be immensely rewarding and often draw in significant crowds, injecting vibrancy into the local area and providing a platform for engagement. However, in light of their scale and sometimes unconventional nature, it’s essential for organisers to be proactive in identifying and managing risks.”

Ansvar’s key considerations for event organisers include:

Plan for the unexpected: Unforeseen circumstances can arise, from adverse weather conditions to unexpected emergencies or technical failures. Having a comprehensive contingency plan in place will enable organisers to respond effectively and minimise disruptions.

Sufficient volunteer and marshal support: Having enough support is essential to ensure the smooth operation of events. Adequate volunteers and marshals help with crowd control, emergency response, and overall event coordination. Training them on safety protocols is equally important.

Adequate insurance coverage: Securing the right insurance, such as dedicated event cover, is paramount. This protects organisers from financial losses associated with cancellations, property damage, or other unforeseen incidents, providing peace of mind for both organisers and participants.

Venue/location suitability: Consider whether the chosen venue/location can accommodate the expected influx of people. Ensuring that the location is equipped to handle the crowd size, with appropriate accessibility, amenities and emergency exits, is vital for participant safety.

Permits and permissions: Ensure that all necessary permits and permissions are obtained from local authorities. This may include permits for using public spaces, serving alcohol, or setting up temporary structures.

Adam Tier added:

“Our advice is there to enable charitable and community focused organisations to create a positive impact within their local area. By taking proactive measures to address potential risks and challenges, organisers are prioritising the safety of participants, visitors and volunteers, ensuring their events are not only enjoyable but also safe and successful.”

Ansvar operates under the Benefact Group, a financial services organisation owned by a charitable trust. With Benefact standing as the UK’s third-largest corporate donor, Ansvar is recognised as a significant supporter of the charitable community.

For more information on risk management solutions tailored to the charity, faith, and not-for-profit sectors, visit https://www.ansvar.co.uk/.