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Renovating Your Bathroom? Avoid These 7 Mistakes

ByDave Stopher

Nov 28, 2021

The bathroom is one of the most renovated spaces in a modern house. This is a space where you and the rest of your household get ready for the ready. It can also serve as a place to relax when you’ve had a long and hard day at work.

If you’re going to give your bathroom a makeover, you’ll want to take this process seriously. Renovating a bathroom from scratch (or even just replacing a few outdated items) takes considerable time, money and effort.

So before you embark on your bathroom remodeling project, avoid the following renovation mishaps:

  • Purchasing Unsuitable Materials

Buying materials you need from a home building supply store, such as Tile Importer Pty Ltd, is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to choose materials that will go well with your current bathroom.

All too often, the materials that homeowners select materials that end up being the wrong choice for their bathrooms. An example is buying marble without considering the maintenance needed to keep that material in good condition. If you don’t trust your children to wipe down marble surfaces when they become wet, they can stain.

When picking materials for your bathroom, be practical. Given that this is the dampest area in your house, the bathroom requires hardwearing elements that are easy to clean and hygienic.

If you’re looking for a suitable bathroom material, for instance, opt for ceramic and porcelain. They’re ideal materials for wall tiles, countertops and sanitaryware because they’re easy to wipe, watertight and tough.

  • Going Trendy

Trends can be tricky. A design or layout that’s trendy today may not be popular in a couple of years. Then, they make a massive comeback out of nowhere after a decade or two.

Given that bathroom remodels are a major investment, you want to make sure that your design choices can stand the test of time. This means that you don’t revamp your bathroom based on what you saw in a trendy hotel room. The last thing you want to do is overhaul elements in your bathroom every few years – that’s just a waste of money right there.

Instead of following trends, opt for neutrals and clean lines.

  • Poor or Inadequate Ventilation

The bathroom is the steamiest space in your home. Ventilation, therefore, is crucial to get rid of the trapped humidity in that space. After all, you don’t want the moist environment to serve as a breeding ground for mildew and mould.

When you are renovating a bathroom, make sure you get an appropriately sized exhaust fan. Also, check the available ventilation systems available on the market right now. Consider ones that are heavy-duty, as well as those that can detect moisture. Then, see if the system you want is right for your bathroom.

  • Improper Spacing

If your plan for your bathroom remodeling focuses on appearance instead of function, then that’s a major problem. Leave the decorating at a later time and think about the spacing and layout first.

If your renovation involves moving plumbing fixtures and breaking down walls, you’ll want to make sure that the new bathroom layout adheres to building codes for minimal spacing guidelines. The placement of furnishings and fixtures should also allow for comfortable everyday use.

  • Taking Small Mistakes for Granted

You may be thinking, “Oh, that’s just a small mistake. No one will notice that.” That’s where you’re wrong.

Although a harmless gap in a bathroom vanity or small glitches in a new tile job might seem minor, the smallest errors can turn into an eyesore down the line.

As your remodeling progresses, make sure that you correct mistakes, even the smallest ones. Don’t overlook the tiny errors. If you notice them now and you don’t do anything about them, you’re guaranteed to see these eyesores each time you use the bathroom.

  1. Not Checking in with Bathroom Experts

Bathroom remodeling can be a tricky DIY project, as this requires technical skill and spatial awareness. If you don’t have the skills necessary to pull off a successful bathroom renovation, you’ll want to consult with the following professionals:

  • An experienced plumber or builder with an eye for design
  • A bathroom designer
  • An interior designer


  • Dull Lighting

Lighting is an important to create a soothing yet functional space. A pot light or two is fantastic in the shower, as it does an excellent job of illuminating a space without getting in the way.

Make your bathroom remodel a success by avoiding these mistakes. When you steer clear of these renovation no-nos, you can increase your chances of making sure your renovation goes