‘THERE are two rules: Never give the die an option you’re not prepared to follow, and never disobey the die!’

The Six Sided Man inspired by the cult novel The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart is heading to the Middlesbrough Theatre stage on Thursday, May 25.

A disillusioned psychiatrist lives his life by giving options to a die, and before long perceptions become twisted, ambiguity rules, and no-one is quite who you think they are!

In its 30th anniversary year, this internationally toured production offers new audiences an opportunity to be seduced, by chance…

Darkly hilarious, quirky and seductive, this acclaimed show has toured to the USA, Israel, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia among others. Don’t miss it!

Luke Rhinehart’s original book The Dice Man was published in 1971 and has been re-printed every year since.

In 2000 the sequel The Book of the Die was published – together these have been reworked by the irrepressible Gavin Robertson for new performances of The Six-Sided Man.

In May of 2001, Gavin Robertson met with author Luke Rhinehart after liaising back and forth with his literary agent in New York.

After a two hour train journey north from NY, he disembarked in the middle of nowhere to find…no-one.

Early thoughts that he had himself been the victim of a dice-decision somewhere in leafy upstate were dispelled when a pick-up truck drew up next to him.

The next three hours were spent at Luke’s home, where Gavin actually did eat home-made apple pie cooked by Luke’s wife, Ann, and discussed ideas and copyright agreements!

This new production has the blessing of the author and has proved to be as much of a cult play as it was 30 years ago…the book has always had a niche following, and in these days of recession, austerity and uncertainty, throwing the dice is just as relevant as ever!

Company Gavin Robertson explores a darker, more seductive path that is open to us all if we have the courage.

Featuring music, script and movement, this production:

…“is compelling to watch”    The Guardian

“Excellent comic theatre, beautifully performed” The Scotsman

“A powerful challenge to the social rules of life – great work”

South China Morning Post

“Brilliant!” Luke Rhinehart (author ‘The Dice Man)

  • To book tickets for The Six Sided Man or for more information contact the Middlesbrough Theatre Box Office on 01642 81 51 81 or book online at www.middlesbroughtheatre.co.uk