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Škoda X: New centre for developing in-car digital services and smart technologies launches

  • New brand, new focus: Škoda Auto DigiLab evolves into Škoda X, bringing a fresh perspective and renewed emphasis on innovation
  • Škoda X will focus on taking product developments from the lab to the real world
  • New division will deliver a range of new digital services, intelligent technologies and solutions for testing, renting and charging new vehicles
  • Services aimed at bringing greater customer convenience from peer-to-peer car rental service to paying for fuel directly from the car
  • Energy storage system uses repurposed battery modules from Škoda Enyaq cars to create new charging hubs

Milton Keynes, 20 June 2023 – Škoda has launched a new advanced technology centre focused on the development and deployment of digital and smart services. Škoda X will look to deliver products across all its models, including the Enyaq iV, which bring greater owner convenience.

The first services being tested by the technology centre includes peer-to-peer car hire which enables private owners the ability to offer their own vehicle as a rental car for other individuals, enabling car-sharing for people who don’t want to own a vehicle full time.

It provides a greater number and variety of vehicles depending on what is needed by the user. The system is also being expanded to be used by Škoda dealers to allow potential customers to arrange extended test drives of models like the Enyaq iV before deciding to buy.

The innovation hub, based in Prague, is also trialling a new energy storage facility made of repurposed battery models taken from previous Enyaq iV models to create standalone charging stations for electric vehicles. Providing the capability to offer a charging infrastructure where building a large number of charging stations wouldn’t work.

It will also be the central facility for a number of other technologies already being trialled across Europe, including the new Pay to Fuel services, available through the vehicle’s infotainment system, as well as the DigiCert service which provides enhanced confidence for anyone buying or selling a used Škoda model.

During refuelling, the Pay to Fuel service uses the car’s GPS system to detect the location and prompts the customer to enter the pump number, eliminating the need to queue to pay, simplifying the payment process. Pay to Fuel uses the credit card stored in the infotainment system for seamless payment transactions.

The Škoda Digital Certificate, available through Care Connect Remote Access, offers customers a comprehensive range of vehicle data, including vehicle identification, technical specifications, current mileage, prepaid service and warranty extensions, and the complete service history. The DigiCert automatically records the vehicle’s mileage on a weekly basis once Škoda Connect Remote Access services are activated. The DigiCert helps to provide greater confidence in the vehicle when buying or selling it.

While the creation and development of the products will take place within Škoda X, the ambition is to also look to European start-ups to progress technologies faster and more efficiently.

Following successful trials, the innovative systems are aimed to be rolled out across further European markets, including the UK.

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