Finally, after what seems like way too long, Sunderland indie band, Social Room (Matty Smith, vocals; Adam Potts, guitar; Simon Bewick, guitar; Chris Leonard, keys; Alex Gunn, bass; and Tim Harker, drums), have released their debut EP, Brightstar, a five-track masterpiece mixed and produced by Eurythmics star, Dave Stewart.

Led by the title track, Brightstar, an ode to the bands’ continuing rise, the EP also contains the iconic single, Let’s Talk, feat. Matilda Wyman as well as additional tracks Kiss Me, When Will I Learn, and Not Asking For The World.

“It’s gone down rather well” stated Matty Smith, Social Room’s esteemed vocalist.

“I’m happy with the response we’ve had so far and all the tracks have been greeted equally.

“Dave (Stewart) has been a massive influence (on our music, and ourselves); he tweaked what needed tweaking, made the tracks radio ready so yeah, it has been pretty surreal.

“He’s done so much for us which he didn’t have to, but we’re very appreciative to him for all that.

“We’ve been working on it for months and, after recording it at Blast, sent it over to Dave to work on.

“You can record a record, but it’s the mastering that makes it radio ready.

“He gave us some great feedback on the songs but put his professional polish on them.”

Bassist Alex Gunn meanwhile added: “We’ve put in a lot of long days and nights to get this EP the way that we wanted it but it’s all worth it when you get the tunes back.

“It was great to have Dave there offering advice and sharing his opinion on it all.

“He’s helped us put together a well-rounded EP with all new tunes, some we haven’t played live and some we were still working out what we wanted whilst in the studio itself.

“I don’t think it’s a risk though, we know a good tune when we hear one.”

So let them take you to the place where only the brightest stars shine….

Celebrating the release of Bright Star the Sunderland lads are presently touring with The Spitfires (next outing on November 16 (Glasgow) – prior to this they have a home show on November 3 at Independent, Sunderland and a Spitfires support at The Cluny, Newcastle on November 29.

Tickets for Independent (, The Cluny ( and to order Social Room’s EP, Brightstar, go to