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Tech Trends Making History


Sep 1, 2017 #digital, #History

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every day. We have come a long way from fire to fibre optics. Each decade brings with it, even more, innovations than the last. Like in an online casino technology, you can never predict what comes next! In recent years, online casinos have become tougher to keep pace with technology. Constant inventions are making technology newer, faster and better.

Super connectivity – taking even online casino to remotest corners of the world

Internet and computers are easily the most significant tech trend of the past few years. Rapid advancement in technology now means that the internet is available everywhere. And at cheap cost!

The number of people using the internet has increased due to the invention of smartphones and wireless internet. Almost 3-million people are now connected worldwide!

The leading tech companies are now bringing in various initiatives. These will only increase the number further. Projects like Skybender from Google aim to provide internet 40 times speed than 4G. Facebook is all set to provide internet to the masses via drones. Elon Musk and OneWeb are trying to reach these goals via satellite constellations.

These innovations mean that internet will change the way people live. It is already used for eating, drinking, shopping, travelling. One can access various casino games online right from their comfort from the mobile phones. Just open Spinzwin Casino on your mobile browser and start playing entertaining casino games online and get chances to win big.

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Self-Driving cars, the stuff of science fiction, is now a reality. In 2016 various manufacturers launched self-driving vehicles. Uber deployed its first ever self-driving cab in the USA.

Self-driving tractors are already in use.  Ford has announced that it will be releasing high volume autonomous vehicles for multiple passengers by 2021. GM has also talked about its plans to produce self-driven cars.

Tesla, of course, is ahead of everyone. It has already released Level 5 autonomy cars. These have no interaction with humans at all.  What fun would it be when the car drives itself while you can play a quick online casino game on Spinzwin Casino!

Futuristic flying cars

The future is here! Flying cars are already becoming a reality with Uber planning to roll out Uber Elevate. It is a flying car passenger transport service. Larry Page from Google is also investing in two flying car manufacturers. The day isn’t far when you play online casino in a flying car!

Drones are also becoming very popular in many applications. 7-11 and Amazon are already making deliveries via drones.  Mercedes Benz has developed a concept car which can launch drones from its rooftop. A Chinese company is using drones to deliver organs.

Commercial Space Travel

The era of space tourism has arrived. You can even win some money if you can send people in space. Google has announced £20 million Lunar XPRIZE prize for the first private team to land on the moon. Or you can simply play online casino to win this amount.

Four companies have signed private contracts in 2017 to make lunar trips soon. And Elon Musk has made the amazingly shocking promise of putting a person on Mars by 2025!

By Emily