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Ten Tips On How to Have a Great British Summer Wedding

ByDave Stopher

Mar 3, 2018

British summertime is something that the population looks forward to each year, even if most of the days are punctuated with rainy afternoons. It is a time of celebration and exploring the great outdoors, which makes it the ideal time to have a wedding. Though it is unlikely that you will be able to experience the blazing heat of an LA wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the weather at home. As summer is on the horizon, you can follow some old but golden tips which will help you pull the greatest British summer wedding.

Follow traditional wedding pointers

Before you consider the weather, you need to think of what will make your wedding unforgettable above all else. Your wedding day is about you and everything you will have dreamed of having in the months leading up to it, so it is wise for you to follow some foolproof wedding tips that will make sure your wedding stands out from the rest. Read more here to find out how you can add your own personal charm to your day, before sitting down to consider the logistics of British summertime.

Don’t rely on the weather

The first thing to consider is the weather. The forecast may predict sun on your big day, but you can’t rely on this, especially if you are holding it around the notorious August Bank Holiday. If you would like to avoid any stress on the day from a downpour, you can always have your wedding inside in a space that lets lots of natural light in, so that you can bring the outside world inside. If the weather starts to clear up, you could have an outside area decorated and reserved for guests to enjoy, so they can have the best of both worlds.

Hold your ceremony outside

For many brides, some rain won’t stop them from achieving their wedding dreams. The best solution to the rain is the have a gazebo on hand, which can be easily assembled before the ceremony to ensure that you and your guests don’t get caught in the rain. Bringing some light coats or blankets will help some guests through the ceremony if they start to feel cold from the dampness outside.

Have a backup pair of shoes

Whether it is raining or not, you should invest in some flat bridal shoes to bring with you on the day. These will ensure that your heels don’t get stuck in the grass if you have your ceremony outside and that you can spend the night dancing away with your loved ones without the pain heels bring. 

Don’t shy away from bright colours

Many people are afraid to inject some brightness into their wedding, in case it looks tacky rather than classy. However, if the rain is persisting outside, it is a great way for you to bring the sun to your guests. This can mean having some brightly coloured flowers decorating the venue, to the bridesmaids wearing summertime colours like chartreuse or lilac. In any case, your wedding won’t be easily forgotten if you manage to pull off a colourful wedding in style.

Have a lighter dress

Despite the rain, summer in Britain still brings with it warmer temperatures. This means that having a heavily adorned dress could cause you to feel hot and flustered. Feeling uncomfortable on your wedding day is not something you will have dreamed of, so when you are out shopping for your big day, bear in mind the time of year. The best fabrics to go for are lighter ones like chiffon and organza, rather than taffeta and heavy silks. If you are after a looser style, this will put you in even better stead for the heat.

Bring the beach indoors

Lots of people imagine their big day on a white, sandy beach with the sun setting on the horizon. If you are lucky, you might be able to achieve this dream day with no issues. Yet, there will be times when this is an impossibility. Ultimately, you can bring the beach indoors if you are set on this vision, by having bespoke fish and chips stands hired for the evening food, and by having small tokens scattered about your venue. You could also select a venue that is close to the sea, which will make for beautiful wedding photographs, come rain or shine.

Always have drinks on hand

The heat of summer means that lots of people will be feeling thirstier than in winter. During a long ceremony, they will start to feel the effects of dehydration, which could lead to some problems that could ruin your big moment. To stop this from happening, make sure you have drinks on hand that will make sure everybody is hydrated and alert. You could even go one step further and provide people with alcoholic beverages, such as a glass of Pimms, a cocktail, or fruity cider, so they can have the taste of summer with them as you walk down the aisle.

Decorate with British flowers

The best weddings are those which focus on the small details, to bring out a truly refined wedding day. If you are hoping to bring out the best of the British countryside when you get married, then you can do this by having local flowers pulled into a bouquet, or scattered across the venue. In the sun, they will take on a sweet smell and catch the light beautifully, and in the rain, they can help bring a splash of the outdoors inside.

Have light-hearted music

In winter weddings, the music selection people choose to walk down the aisle with is often Christmassy or full of winter cheer. These songs don’t usually match up the hotter weather, where you will want your guests to be feeling carefree and happy. Having a light-hearted soundtrack to play throughout the day, as you walk down the aisle, and even in the evening celebrations will make a world of difference to your guests.